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Khamsin the Oracle is a world-renowned figure in the field of divination and spiritual healing. As a member of the esteemed Sybil lineage, she carries a profound wisdom that transcends the boundaries of the 3D matrix. With her unique abilities, she has dedicated her life to helping humanity overcome the imprints of suffering and genetic trauma. Since 2006, Khamsin has been sharing her visions of the future, astonishing all with the astounding accuracy of her predictions. Her remarkable gift allows her to perceive beyond the constraints of time and space, providing invaluable insights into what lies ahead. Having undergone two near-death experiences, during which she journeyed through realms of both hell and heaven, Khamsin made the conscious choice to return to her physical existence in order to fulfill her ultimate purpose. Specializing in healing through the exploration of the Akashic records, Khamsin serves as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. Her profound understanding and connection to the cosmic energies enable her to access the collective wisdom of all beings and channel it for the betterment of those seeking guidance and enlightenment. In addition to her mastery of the Akashic records, Khamsin possesses a range of other intuitive and empathic abilities. As a skilled medical intuitive, she is able to sense and diagnose energetic imbalances within the body, facilitating deep healing and restoration. Furthermore, her innate mediumship allows her to connect with spiritual guides, higher selves, and deities, enabling her to assist individuals in establishing a stronger connection to their own spiritual tribe. Khamsin's vast knowledge and expertise extend beyond conventional verbal communication. Fluent in a remarkable form of light language, her mother tongue, she harnesses the power of sacred sounds and vibrational frequencies to heal chakra imbalances and reprogram the subconscious mind. Through these sacred rituals, she helps individuals achieve a higher state of consciousness and align with their true purpose. With a compassionate and nurturing demeanor, Khamsin welcomes all who seek her guidance, providing a safe space for exploring the depths of one's spiritual journey. She is dedicated to empowering individuals, enabling them to overcome obstacles, embrace their authenticity, and tap into their innate inner power. Khamsin the Oracle stands as a beacon of light in a world searching for spiritual truth and healing. Through her extraordinary abilities and unyielding commitment to her divine mission, she invites all to transcend limitations, awaken their highest selves, and embark on a transformative journey toward enlightenment.

Areas covered include:


Love and Relationships


Career: New Opportunities and Promotion


Guidance for Future Goals and Desire


Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Inner Child Healing
Inner Child Healing
Inner Child Healing
chakra healing

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