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Me & Kham

Now we believe we reincarnate over and over until we reach the place of putting RELEGION behind us by entering true spirituality. The only way to break free of the unseen rulers that manipulate us is by searching for the truth without pride and preconceived notions. In a state of humility, one must seek truth to reach victory. We grieved when we found out the truth about Jesus. It felt like we were dying. In hindsight, this is the true crucifixion one must go through to be reborn. True Christ consciousness is attained by delving into hell which is really the subconscious, dark shadow self within each of us. Once we’ve done that..... heaven (the conscious mind, reality of our own creation, our best self, our higher self) becomes our reality!!! One thing that sealed the deal was this.

If the path to heaven is a narrow road which few people find, why is RELEGION such a broad road that is walked by MANY???? Our current space don’t reflect the masses, WE ARE THE FEW... WE ARE THE REMNANTS BEING GATHERED... WE ARE ON A NARROW PATH! WE AREN’T ACCEPTED LIKE WE WERE IN CHURCH. WE MAY APPEAR TO BE LOST SOULS ATTEMPTING TO LEAD OTHERS INTO DECEPTION. PAVING A PATH IN UNCHARTED TERRITORY IS VERY difficult sometimes but the reward makes it all worth it.

Our conclusion is; there isn’t one historical Jesus. It was simply an allegory used to teach Christ consciousness! This is the reason the Bible is named “Biblios Helios“ a.k.a. the BOOK OF THE SUN. ITS FILLED WITH INFO FROM OTHER ANCIENT TEXTS AND ASTROTHEOLOGY. Helios means Sun and Biblios is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means paper. “Holy Bible” means Sun Book (or compiled papers) and represents the knowledge of the “Children of the Sun” as recorded by the original inhabitants of Egypt. The biblical Jesus, for the most part, IS A SYMBOLIC RESPRESENTION

of the S U N.

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