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The key to manifestation is the ability to conjure a feeling that supports what you desire. The secret comes when you can set the intention and hold that mindset long enough to allow the magick to happen! For 24 hours we must all conjure unconditional happiness using our spiritual tools! This can be mindfulness, meditation, spell work, dancing , art or something as simple as committing to being accountable for your vibe regardless of the circumstances. Now there are some circumstances that will cause grief such as death of a loved one. We don't intend to use this on something that intense, this is for the mundane day to day things that annoy us! When we all hold each other accountable by participating in this challenge , we are combining our individual powers into a specific space which is great for empowering any magickal working to manifest by using a group of minds in sync with the quantum field! 🎩🪄🧜🏾‍♀️THIS IS SO EASY AND FUN TO SEE WHAT SYNCHRONICITIES YOU CAN CREATE BY CONTROLLING YOUR FREQUENCY AT A STEADY LEVEL! LET'S SO HOW MUCH ABILITY WE HAVE ACQUIRED! SHARE THIS WITH LIKE MINDED PPL AND WE MUST "ALL" POST THE OUTCOME TOMORROW 12-9-21 IN THIS SACRED SPACE! This will also show you wether or not you have shame issues within your shadow self! Feel the fear but do it anyway " THAT'S WHY ITS A CHALLENGE❣️IT'S GO TIME WEIRDO'S⚕️🎩👽 FYI THIS IS NECESSARY TO HAVE SUCCESS DURING THE WORMHOLE MEDITATION. WITHOUT MENTAL PREP, MANIFESTATION IS WEAKER!

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