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  • I highly recommend this video because Dr. Gabor Mate' is serving wisdom for those who have experienced trauma and are desiring to heal themselves. His perspective is going to ring a bell 🔔 in your soul. He discusses certain traumas based on being women of color and many other things that don't usually get discussed as a way to resolve this deep emotional conflict we are experiencing.

  • Wow, I feel good. I completed the OBEBE Challenge and nearing the end of the Chakra Camps. These digital commitments to healing have created more structure and discipline in my life that's needed. The last two months of my journey have given strong insights that I'm prepared to leverage like never before. I'm inspired to continue challenging my self worth through daily rituals. I'm hungry for change like a slot. 🏹

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    I completed 📓Advice to Yourself!

  • Today I begin a two month liquid fast. The current conditions of the world and the unique dynamic of my union is causing me non-clarity and playing upon my self worth. Common logic is appearing to drown out the gnosis I've obtained over the recent years. My spirit is telling me to be still, to be quiet and slow, and to put aside the distraction of eating to gain more insight. For those those whose truths are being challenged, hold on to your anchor.

    I create this post to hold myself accountable for journey ahead.

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