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2023 Predictions and how to prepare!

Astrology from various fields including Mayan Astrology helps to know what to expect and how to be prepared! NU Verse Live has some powerful Lituals to use to light up your life with the song your soul came to sing 🎶 Cruise the Chaos taking shelter in the heart is key! Let's dive in!

NU year “ What to expect and ways to navigate with ease “!



The year of understanding, feminine energy transformation, and reorganization of consciousness!

Here are some main points to consider as you write NU verses to your song the soul came to sing.

Unlike 2022, 2023 brings fewer obstacles and more harmony between the planets as Jupiter and Saturn conspire to help every single zodiac sign grow in the Spring and Summer.

Combined with the Lunar North Node of destiny moving to "me-first" Aries, we will continue to walk paths that promote the full expression of our authenticity. This vibe will be especially strong as Pluto, the planet of power dips into Aquarius between March and June. 

But to reach our full potential, we will first run into the need to do some deep shadow work as Jupiter magnifies the energy of Wounded Healer Chiron in the Winter and early Spring. If we dare to do this work, by the time Jupiter enters Taurus on May 15, we will be ready to see the tangible results of our past efforts. 

Note the following:

Self-Existing Moon year, 2023, will mark the 441st year of use of the Gregorian calendar worldwide. This timing program is the dyssynchronous infrastructure that our present world operates on. It is through the Power of Time that reality and perceptions are manipulated and controlled.

“Who owns your Time, owns your Mind.”

Created and implemented by the Vatican in 1582, the Gregorian calendar, with its loaded belief systems, is a subconscious implant that has become second nature to almost the entire human population.

Subconsciousness refers to pattern thinking. Our entire perspective of reality, what makes things real or not real to us, is the sum of patterns built up in our brain that replays over and over, like Christmas and tax time.

This is what we call “consensual” reality = A Dreamspell. From the point of view of the Law of Time, consensus reality is a function of a type of erroneous thinking that at its root, creates a fundamental misperception of not only who and what we are, but what the Earth is and what we are doing on the Earth.

Opening to the Noosphere, we avail ourselves of the thinking layers of cosmic civilization. The highly advanced telepathic intelligence communicated through the noosphere resonates different dimensions of meaning according to daily codes of synchronicity; the most fundamental of these is encoded as the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. Synchronized being and simultaneous knowing are the chief qualities and characteristics of the shift into the noosphere phase of evolution.” —Dr. José Argüelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere

Galactic Maya to Avatars of Original Matrix Attained (O.M.A)—A Vision of our Potential

If you are reading this 9-year vision, most likely you are holding a key to the Universal Light codes of the Galactic Maya. These codes unlock through a time-release system based on the synchronic order.

The Galactic Mayan refers to those in all walks of life and traditions who have realized (or are striving to realize) the Unity of the Universal Mind. They seek truth and harmony first and foremost. They are united as One, not by government, but by attunement to the Universal Order within.

The Galactic Mayan are masters of Time and illusion. They are the secret dreamers and co-creators of the New Earth. They are the ones with clear and flexible minds that are unprejudiced by fluctuating public opinion and outer influences. They are the ones with compassionate, pure hearts who have transmuted (or are working to transmute) their reactive bio-psychic emotional drives to serve a Higher Vision.

The Galactic Mayan understands the Planet as a self-generating Timeship. They are the ones who have returned from the Future to clear the past and ensure humanity is steered into a more optimal timeline.

The most optimal timeline is to transcend all previous histories and transmute back to light all the ancient traumas and error matrices that have occurred in the totality of all eons in all dimensions.

The Galactic Mayan have incarnated to help “spiritualize matter,” and regain the inherent superconscious powers that we lost when the lower-frequency beam hit.

Some Galactic Mayan avatars operate in other star systems, and some in crystalline cities below the Earth.

Through dedicated work, the Galactic Mayan evolve into a race of Avatars: the Avatars of O.M.A.: Original Matrix Attained. The Avatars of O.M.A. are those who have successfully transfigured themselves into the uninscribed original innocence template to wholeheartedly serve a greater mission.

Their hearts are alight with the Great Mystery as they travel the dimensions in an impenetrable shield of a love so vast that it is incomprehensive to earthly beings. They use their Light to illumine hearts and awaken minds to the knowledge of civilizations beyond Earth. Their very presence is radiant like the sun, causing the galactic seed culture to blossom into beauty yet undreamed.

The Avatars of O.M.A. are connected with a network of energies and consciousness that has its base on the cosmic levels and extends throughout the multidimensional Universe.

For example, through attunement to the telepathic information structure of the Holomind Perceiver, we realize that all creation stories are One Story. We remember the original seeding on Earth and other star systems. We gain access to the entire genetic record and histories of all people, places, and things, in the realization that this whole databank is wired into our biological body.

As we further enter the consciousness of the Holomind Perceiver, we will discover new intelligence accelerator technologies hidden in the deepest caverns of our being. These inner technologies will enhance our extrasensory perceptions by activating our mental spheres, restoring our memory, and entering us into increasingly sublime mentation waves (higher-order non-thinking skills).

Interspecies communication will be the norm and will bring us great joy to remember our connection, particularly with the whales and dolphins, who hold the memory of ancient-future songlines of planetary consciousness and Sirian transmission.

The Avatars of O.M.A. remind us of our mission is to complete our own process of transmutation, which results in the biosphere-noosphere transition, the conscious elevation of Earth into a multidimensional frequency.

At this point, the Earth will be transformed into a dazzling Galactic Education Center that serves as headquarters for galactic star councils and Interdimensional Unions. Earth will maintain its sovereignty while participating in the intergalactic community.

This is just the beginning.

The question is: Will you choose to activate your inner Avatar and be a Co-creator of the New Multidimensional Earth?

Will you disarm yourself, elevate above duality and become a Spectral Rainbow Warrior of love?

The Avatars of O.M.A. await your response.

Here is a brief background:

Artificial reality is being increasingly superimposed over Nature. The Biosphere is the sum unity of all life in Nature. The Noosphere is the planetary mind realized. Bio is life and Noo is mind. In essence, the biosphere-noosphere transition also indicates a solar-galactic bio-mutation.

In between the biosphere and noosphere is the technosphere, the artificial sheathe woven around our planet. The technosphere’s effects are supplanting the biosphere’s organic processes with totally industrialized ones, resulting in a severe imbalance in the biosphere.

Biology is being replaced by silicon.

The Law of Time defines two-timing frequencies, artificial and natural.

  • Artificial time is defined by the ratio 12:60.

  • Natural time is defined by the ratio 13:20.

12:60 is the frequency of linear, mechanized consciousness.

13:20 is the frequency of radial, cyclical consciousness.

12:60 frequency keeps us trapped in repeating fear-based time loops. It keeps us in a state of reactiveness rather than reflection.

This 12:60 frequency is characterized by the 12-month calendar, 60-minute hour. It is out of synch with Nature and with our own Essence Heart.

12:60 is the frequency of divide and conquer that keeps our Planet under control and in a perpetual state of conflict. This frequency keeps us enslaved to the ego and service to self, rather than service to others. This frequency represents fragmented consciousness. This fragmentation makes us perceive people, places, and things as separate from ourselves.

The 13:20, by contrast, is the natural timing frequency. It is the frequency of art, beauty, love, and synchronicity. When we reflect inwardly, we experience the web of interconnectedness and unity, the peace that passeth all understanding. We recognize all beings as ourselves. We realize that the history and lineage of the human race are not what we have been told. This knowledge of Time and Frequency traces back to the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan beneath a Mayan pyramid in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico.

Dr. José Argüelles/Valum Votan’s discoveries are based on the fact that this tomb had been sealed for 1,260 years (692 – 1952). In the Bible, it speaks of 42 months; this is 1260 days.

Furthermore, there are 1,320 years from the dedication of the tomb in 692 until 2012, the Closing of the Great Cycle.

13:20 is encoded in our body with our 20 fingers and toes, and 13 main articulations: two ankles, two knees, two hips, two elbows, two wrists, two shoulders, and a neck.

13:20 is the frequency of synchronicity, unity, and wholeness. It is the frequency of Galactic Culture. After this discovery, a whole body of knowledge unfolded over a 20- year period, from Dreamspell to Synchronotron.

The following are the fundamentals of the many discoveries made by Dr. José Argüelles Valum Votan. He passed away in 2011, which was 1,328 years after the passing of Pacal Votan in 683 AD. A clear sign of the prophecy of the 13 Moons and 28 days.

Soul Group

On the relative plane, we are also part of a soul group, which is why we are attracted to certain beings and information. The soul group (or groups) we are attracted to contains activation codes to release our latent memories.

These codes were hidden prior to our birth, and we are guided to those who can assist us according to the clarity of our intuition and the courage to follow it. Our soul group is the microcosm that puts us in resonance with the vibratory structure, which ultimately leads back to G.O.D.

The soul group attracted to the knowledge of the Law of Time, the prophecy of Pacal Votan, or the terma of the Red Queen, are seekers of the Universal Path that unites all other paths.

They are Seekers of the Ultimate Creator of all Source Codes. These Source Codes step down into the Path of the synchronic order. Pacal means solar shield. Sun is the Source of the new time beams of the solar system. The Sun codes the electromagnetic fields of each of the planets with protons and electrons and electromagnetically coded symbolic structures translated as thought-forms.

We entered Solar Cycle 25 in 2019. This cycle concludes in 2032. The function of the sunspot cycles is actually the thinking activity of the Sun. Because the Sun is a member 23 of the galaxy, there are star members of the galaxy that are more evolved than our Sun, namely Sirius, Arcturus, Antares, and the Pleiades.

This system appears as an interconnected master computer circuit board. To see the information as meaningful, it is recommended to meditate on the Sun and solar energy.

By placing attention on the Sun, we may receive information from Pleaides or Arcturus, etc.; these solar transmissions are meant to be focalized into meaningful information for the local system, particularly earth.

Earth has the psi bank in its electromagnetic field. Psi bank can be thought of as a planetary storage and retrieval system. It is the operating system of the Noosphere. The information transduced through our Sun from other star systems becomes encoded into the psi bank.

Those who are attuned to this system can then receive information. This is the purpose of the 13-moon calendar’s daily kin, which is far more than a calendar. It is a master tuning fork and synchronization matrix. Planet Earth, Velatropa 24.3

Earth is a focal point for the entire galaxy and Universe. Evolution elsewhere is affected by what occurs on our Planet. Many cosmic civilizations are surveilling us, and have been for a long while. They have a rule of non-intervention and allowing us free will.

Much knowledge was deposited into pyramid structures and underground caverns. So that when our human biology encounters the frequencies within these structures, there is a quickening.

Pyramids and cave structures contain memory, just as pure water does. The Geometry embedded in Stone structures includes the repository of multidimensional fractals of knowledge. These fractals of knowledge contain telepathic resonance to other planets and star systems. It is how the multidimensional Universe is held together.

This knowledge is generally labeled “occult,” which means it is hidden or undetectable to the conditioned mass mind. This knowledge is protected by the Earth guardians, the elementals who maintain communications through resonance, with the Planetary Logos.

Through a memory virus, which resulted from a directed low-frequency beam, humans forgot how to be in resonance with the stones, the water, the plants, the trees, and all of Nature.

Dreamspell codes were sent as an inoculation to the memory virus. Dreamspell is not a game, but a revelation of the Divine Mind at play, creating the synchronic order’s celestial harmonics. Its purpose is to serve our ascension into the spiritual and mental purity of the galactic culture.

Galactic refers to the galaxy. The universe consists of countless galaxies. The Maya describe the galaxy and its center as “Hunab Ku”, one Giver of Movement and Measure.

Just like the galaxy, our body is equipped with the regenerative capacity to transmute energy and ultimately heal itself and heal the planet.

The galactic signature is a coded key to reenter the original mission state, and destructure the memory virus’s illusion.

Each of the symbols and tones contains vibratory keys. This was a way the higher dimensional beings could intervene without disturbing free will. It is a choice whether to shift timelines and change your frequency or not.

Many more codes, keys, and practices of the Law of Time followed over a 20-year period (1991 - 2011). These synchronic codes, mathematical in nature, equip us with a multidimensional lens in which to decode “reality.”

Through these frequency codes, we are constructing an interdimensional ark. This ark or bridge of Time allows travel from one frequency or dimension to another.

We create the bridge first internally. This assists us in the reconnection of our third-dimensional space suit with our fifth-dimensional original template so that we can help guide Timeship Earth into a higher vibratory octave.

Cosmic History is the unfoldment of all of these codings and serves as a reverse engineer planetary grid project.

These codes concluded with the Master code, the Holomind Perceiver, the key operant in a system known as Synchronotron. With this system, we realize our consciousness contains inner threads that are linked to the Totality of all Creation. This nine-yearVision map is embedded into the template of the Holomind Perceiver.

In this Vision Plan, we will not go into the specifics of Synchronotron, except to say that it is an interdimensional interface system that unlocks our dormant powers and our “sixth and seventh” senses when activated. It demonstrates that we are connected to a vast database that contains the records of all of the worlds and times within all dimensions and realities in a highly organized index matrix. ness. This is a key purpose of the Law of Time. The Unconscious is the mental sphere that contains conditioned and acquired thoughts. This is the repository of rejected con- scious mind, and of the false conditioned mindsets perceived as reality. The uncon- scious also contains material that may have once been conscious of but is now repressed.

The Final of the three Supermoons of 2022 occurs on the 18th day of the Self-Existing Moon Year (August 12, 2022). This day will be Kin 86, White Galactic Worldbridger. Blue Galactic Monkey codes the first of four Supermoons for 2023 on Cosmic Moon 7 (July 3, 2023).

The Paths and the Alphabet:

The 22 letters/vibrations/paths within the Tree of Life connect the

Sephiroth (the spherical points of the Tree): these key vibrational patterns are “emanations” and represent the powers of the soul. Each of the 10 Sephira is defined and acts as a chain of emanation, with each unfolding and evolving the next: each Sephira relates and mediates the influence of the others. They are: Kether (“crown”), Chokmah (“wisdom”), Binah (“under- standing”), Chesed (“kindness/mercy”), Geburah (“severity”), Tiphereth (“beauty/harmony”), Netzach (“victory”), Hod (“glory/spendor”), Yesod (“foundation”), Malkuth (“kingdom”).

The 22 paths connecting the Sephiroth consist of:

• 3 "Mother Letters" (Aleph, Mem, Shin): These represent Awareness.

• 7 "Double Letters" (Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Tau): These represent Space.

• 12 "Simple Letters" (Hey, Vau, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi,

Qof): These reflect the 12 constellations of the zodiac and represent Time.

The Pillars:

Three vertical pillars comprise the Tree of Life. The Pillars are a diagrammatic representation of the 3 fundamental forces of life: positive/+, negative/-, and neutral/0.

• The LEFT Pillar is the pillar of SEVERITY-DESTRUCTION. This is the black feminine pillar of passivity, form, contraction, restriction, matter, and is the negative pole of the Tree. The Sephira Binah, Geburah and Hod comprise this pillar.

• The RIGHT Pillar is the pillar of MERCY-CREATION. This is the white masculine pillar of activity, force, expansion, movement, energy, and is the positive pole of the Tree. The Sephira of Chokmah, Chesed and Netzach comprise this pillar.

• The MIDDLE Pillar is the pillar of MILDNESS-HARMONY. This is the central pillar that has no charge. It is cosmic awareness, consciousness, equilibrium, stillness, and the neutral “present moment” pole of the Tree. The Sephira of Kether, Tiphereth, Yesod and Malkuth comprise this pillar. The non-Sephira Da'ath is also on this Pillar.


You are walking The Path of Zain.

Zain is the 7th path within the Tree of Life and the 7th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. (It is also recognized as "17" when all elements of the Tree are considered, including the 10 foundational Sephira: this is “The 32 Paths of Wisdom”.)

Zain, meaning "sword" in Hebrew, is the path of wholeness.


Write Dear ___ letters to whoever has been triggering you this year. It could be our parents or guardians. It could also be a spouse or siblings currently or past. Make a list of the past a d present people that trigger you the most this year. Write a letter to each of them WITH a black candle burning! This is an important step to absorb the negative emotions that may be attached to these emotions. You’re detoxing your mental space! For black candies

Next, make a list of a PRP Positive Reframe Practice for each person listing something you learned. Give gangsta gratitude for it!

Next, safely burn the letter releasing it into the ethers to be a transmitted message to the Universe, I’m done with this verse in the sing my soul came to live!

Take a spiritual bath filled with herbs that correspond with the Nu energy! You can use cinnamon sticks to sweeten or hibiscus flowers for passion. We also carry a spiritual bath with 13 herbs, essential oils and Himalayan salt that helps with time management since many of us have thriving busy lives. This box includes everything you’ll need for your Nu IDIVINITY to anchor into your life by using the tools Mother Earth has given us. In this kit it includes the honey jar, strawberry quartz, aquamarine,kunzite and “ Let’s get lucid” 3rd eye elixir.

This also includes our abundance spiritual bath to speed up manifestation.

The honey jar sweetens your life experiences and empower your affirmations as your affirmations are spoken into the jar. Or use one of the corresponding potions which contain all the herbs necessary for your spiritual needs!

Place your heart's deepest desires , wants and unkest needs into the jar. Seal with wax from a candle with a mantra that seals the work like, So more it be. It is done or my personal favorite Ase ASE ASE!

The elixir will assist your pineal gland activations to see the truth behind the triggers and trauma! It also contains a playlist with personal favorite meditations!


- Boil water and Tyme for luck and protection. Drain the herbs and add the water to your laundry to marinate your intentions with the clothes, sheets, and blankets with Nu energy!

- Use this mat to meditate, dance, stretch, release anger, breath work and etc. the more you use this mat the more charged it becomes with the empowering essence of your higher self aka IDIVINITY !

- You can place this by your bed so that the soles of your feet touch this energy before you sleep which assist in a lucid dream and subconscious healing.

- Or use it at the from the door. Just use your intuition, we can all benefit from some practice!

- Create a self-care routine that you can actually follow. Use micro goals to prevent self-sabotage which is a cry from our shadow self but that’s the purpose of the routine. For each complaint or desire for improvement, add daily litual to support your steps into the Idivine version of you!

- Take courses that improve your connection to spirit. Journal daily to allow the experiences to move through you. We often times let situations ruminate in our mind which blocks connection to our heart. By journaling, you create sacred spaces to hold your precious moments. This is self-love on steroids baby. Create recipes that nurture your mind body and soul. Find a tribe of like-minded people to connect with that share your desire for ascension and self-mastery!


Fukit list - things you can’t control

PRP List- Write down positive reframes you can practice when triggered. Also, think and intend how you’ll respond to triggers to ensure success in more effective communication.

- SPIRITUAL NEEDS WILL BE THE WIND BENEATH YOUR WINGS! As the Phoenix emerges the wind of transformation can be a nuisance or give you a lift to rise higher. By committing to your spiritual routines you become more likely to transcend triggers and trauma!

- PENDULUM is essential for making decisions. With Mercury retrograde at the beginning of the year, we will have difficulty making decisions. To help choose actions that align with a happier healthier self there will be less chance of negative situations stemming from the inability to decide the necessary steps to take. As someone who has a trauma brain, I experience fight, flight, and freeze or fawn!

Here is some info on the 4 F’s How our bodies respond to danger

We usually experience fear when we sense we are in danger. When our brains alert our bodies to the presence of danger, our bodies respond automatically.

For example, to prepare us to deal with immediate danger, our bodies often:

  • Speed up our heart rate and breathing, to increase the oxygen and blood going to our muscles.

  • Tighten our muscles, ready for use if needed.

  • Deactivate bodily functions that aren't immediately important, like digestion.

  • Sweat, so we don't get too hot. 

  • Release adrenaline, to give us energy.

  • Release cortisol, to relieve pain. This can also have the effect of blocking rational thinking, which is why in times of extreme stress and fear, we sometimes feel our heads are cloudy or that we can't concentrate.

  • Fight: physically fighting, pushing, struggling, and fighting verbally e.g. saying 'no'.

  • Flight: putting distance between you and danger, including running, hiding or backing away.

  • Freeze: going tense, still and silent. This is a common reaction to rape and sexual violence. Freezing is not giving consent, it is an instinctive survival response. Animals often freeze to avoid fights and potential further harm, or to 'play dead' and so avoid being seen and eaten by predators.

  • Fawn: similar to freezing, except your muscles become loose and your body goes floppy. This is an automatic reaction that can reduce the physical pain of what's happening to you. Your mind can also shut down to protect itself.

  • Friend: calling for a 'friend' or bystander for help, for example by shouting or screaming, and/or 'befriending' the person who is dangerous, for example by placating, negotiating, bribing or pleading with them. Again, this is not you giving your attacker consent, it is an instinctive survival mechanism. For more go to Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn: How We Respond to Threats

NU year litual “ Pendulum for quick spiritual guidance.

My pendulum helps me to avoid making things in my life more difficult and it simplifies life because the answer you receive is bypassing the schemas (filters based on past negativity) as well as my ego.

TKO/ Total Knap Out allows the heart to be heard. Those who retreat to their heart will have a more pleasant experience awakening in year 7 but let’s be realistic, spiritual challenges are opening our hearts to see what we don’t want, and to learn what we do want in life.

This is a game changer for people that also have Autistic traits. Here is a video from the neurotypical relationship coach Mark Hutten whom we worked with to create our NU relationship goals!


be a kite- look how a kite 🪁 responds to wind 💨. Mental health requires flow state .

Watch this to break free of the matrix causing suffering and lack in your life!

Be sure to check out the chakra camps and the 3D matrix detox course to MASTER YOUR SELF!

DICHOTOMY OF CONTROL - Shaolin Masters Shi Heng Yi talks Epictetus

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