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3 Spring equinox litual’s for new beginnings!

Spring is a time of great celebration in many cultures. It's the time of year when the planting begins, people begin to once more enjoy the fresh air, and we can reconnect with the earth again after the long, cold winter.

I would like to list a few goddesses that are connected to the spring equinox you may or may not know about before I began explaining the spring litual for new beginnings.

Ashanti - This earth goddess prepares to bring forth new life in the spring, and the Ashanti people of Ghana honor her at the festival of Durbar, alongside her husband Nyame, the sky god who brings rain to the fields. As a fertility goddess, she is often associated with the planting of early crops during the rainy season. In some parts of Africa, she is honored during an annual (or often bi-annual) festival called the Awuru Odo.

Renpet - As Mistress of Eternity she was associated with spring, youth and renewal in Kemet “Ancient Egypt”

She is depicted as a young woman wearing a palm shoot over her head. The palm shoot represented “time” and this glyph regularly appears on monuments and documents throughout Egyptian history as the beginning of the phrase recording the regnal year of the pharaoh.

Renpet was worshipped in Memphis and Crocodilopolis and was considered to be an aspect of Isis.



I recommend doing an egg cleansing before performing this litual if you haven’t done one in a while or feel you need to remove negative energy .

Fire and Ice Litual

Fill ballon with water and write down the things you with to melt away on it. Freeze it for 5 hours, every hour poke it in the middle to leave an open space to put your tea light later. Cut the top off, make sure the ice is hard enough to hold its shape. If it needs to harden more, once in freezer for a hour or more, check it hourly . Once frozen Pour out the water from the center , that part shouldn’t be frozen . Peel ballon off, run warm water on the outside at the top to widen the hold to be big enough to put your tea light inside. Sit it outside, put the tea light inside then watch it melt. Or you can sit it in a large bowl inside and watch it melt and visualize the things you wish to melt away actually leaving you and going back to Source the creator to be transmuted.

Make wish jar-

Sand- mineral made of quartz which is good to amplify intentions.

Beans - shaped like small eggs which represents rebirth. Beans inspire creativity and communication,which means these are goos for sacral healing .

Beans have many magickal uses. You can choose your bean from this list .

  • Black turtle beans help to jump hurdles and make important decisions.

  • Butter beans reduce stress.

  • Canary beans bring happiness and success in the arts.

  • Cow or black-eyed peas bring luck and increase psychic vision.

  • Cranberry (October) beans attract new opportunities.

  • Fava beans bring power, and make wishes come true.

  • Garbanzos (chickpeas) help beat the competition.

  • Great northern beans bring discovery and insight; they also help to protect plans and keep them secret.

  • Green baby lima beans bring new income.

  • Green split peas are for money or health.

  • Green pigeon beans represent resourcefulness and money.

  • Large lima beans allow expansion and financial growth.

  • Lentils bring peace and financial security.

  • Navy beans increase strength and determination.

  • Oval white beans protect assets.

  • Pink beans bring confidence and romance.

  • Pinto beans open channels and create action and movement.

  • Red kidney beans represent wisdom, love, and healing.

  • Roman beans bring power and precision.

  • Small red beans provide energy and lust.

  • Speckled lima beans create networking opportunities.

  • Tonka beans help in romance, often found in love-drawing mojo hands.

  • Whole green beans attract money.

  • Yellow split peas bring luck and fame.

Now add small artificial eggs to represent more rebirth and fertility .

Next add rhinestones or crystal that correlate with your intention. I used blue rhinestones, blue is one of Isis colors, the goddess of rebirth , choose whatever resonates with you. Be creative because the most powerful litual is the one inspired by your creativity.

Then add sugar to sweeten your life as you transition into a seasons of fertility and abundance.

Add Himalayan sea salt to protect your work. The color pink has a calming effect on the environment, and represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing.

Add dried flowers that correlates with your intention. I used a daisy . The Daisy is associated with the element of Water. It is magically associated with the planets of Venus and the Moon and it is Feminine by nature. The magical properties of the Daisy include: Clarity, Love, Lust, Clairvoyance, Higher Intuition, Divination, Faery Magic and Romance.

I completed it with a blue ribbon for good fortune, harmony and better communication with the spirit realm . You can use any ribbon color that aligns with your desired intention.

I topped it with a bay leaf which is used to make wishes come true and good luck.

Now hold your magickal jar and speak your intentions into it. Do this until you feel connected with the ingredients. Visualize the new you and end it with “So Mote it be”!

Now take plastic eggs and put the things you desire to invite into your life on parchment paper or a brown paper bag. You can do as many as you’d like to. Place them inside the egg and lay them on the altar space. Take 3 candles with colors that correlate with spring , sage or palo santo them to clear any energy and speak your intentions over the candle . Sit them near the petitions and light them. Please use candles in glass jars if they are sitting as close as mines are. Remember fire safety is important, so don’t leave these burning while you away from home. You can simply light them and let them burn for a any period of time, snuff them when you leave home “don’t blow them out”, that would be like blowing away your wishes you are manifesting. Relight them when you get back home . Once you feel the intentions are solid and ready to plant, plant them outside or indoors inside a plant . Invoke Mother Earth calling her name 3 times and say the following “ As I bury my petitions and ground them in you I know my wishes will soon come true”!

Now just because I enjoy magick so much , here is another way you can use this spring equinox to manifest a new you and new reality !

Take an egg and write things you desire to bring to you . Remember eggs represent new beginnings and fertility . They also hold energy which is why egg cleansing is so beneficial for removing negative energy . Refer to the blog here on our website on egg divination. I recommend doing an egg cleansing before performing this litual if you haven’t done one in a while or feel you need to remove negative energy .

Once you have wrote down everything you desire to attract, plant the egg in a small house plant or outside . Read the invocation of Mother Earth over it and forget about it. Walk away smiling knowing you will receive what hove petitioned!

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Thank u so much. Will do one of these spring rituals. Still listening to Christina lopes. My inner child & physical disturbances of my body is changing. It was automatic to go plant base with smoothies daily. And your abundance oil is magical. Heart say LET GO & do what u can. Divine love 2 u & yours!
You are Divine Mother

Mar 20, 2021

We buried our egg and found an earth worm!! The universe always sends signs , we must be aware enough to perceive them. Set your intentions and use this new beginning for manifestations you desire🪄🎩🌍🌱🥚


Mar 20, 2021

Look at our Spring Equinox Altar👀🌺🌱🌈

Replying to

I'm loving this vibe! Nice!

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