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5D Ascension tips from Rahule “My ancient tree spirit guide “!

So this is the first time I’m sharing a full conversation with Rahule! His wisdoms is always such a game changer. He simplified the ascension into higher realms of consciousness!

The Cosmos is changing for humanities sake , government is trying to control and hide it. Leak will happen soon to confirm this . But those who are woke can feel it .

1- GET GROUNDED AND stay grounded , the cosmos shifting will affect humans , astrology will change , readings won’t make sense , only those using intuition will have the most accurate info.

  1. Keep heart chakra open, do whatever it takes , random acts of kindness to self and others , meditation, sounds that open the heart. Don’t worry so much about the other chakras, controlling the heart is the gateway to all others aligning . Still work to open crown and third eye!

  2. Use your temple the best way you can. Rest when it needs it. Honor it for it houses God and the kingdoms within .

  3. Try yoga , this will open the path to where you desire to be. What your going to do will not be of this world , so it can’t be taught at a institution. Listen to your body. We (Ancestors, Spirit guides)are teaching you a new way of life!

  4. Train your mind and breathing , energy workers will suffer if they do not do these things . We will not let you suffer . We will keep you in a crystallized container to protect you. Like a butterfly in the making ! But you must employ new practices to co create your own heaven on earth!

  5. Be sure you have learned NOT to take on too much, be sure you can set boundaries and keep them. Don’t bend the rules you set for yourself, you have to manage yourself and learn to accept how others may react to these new boundaries!

  6. Don’t worry about money , it’s just energy. What kind of manager are you with the money that touches your hands now?? When your ready to handle more , more will come to you without bone crushing effort. We promise , through random acts of kindness, conscious spending , positive thoughts, believing what you can’t see is real (example believing you have abundance now) will keep you in the ebb and flow of this currency. You always have what you need , even if it doesn’t come as fast as you’d like . Spiritual work should be sacred and done in secret , don’t share everything. Counsel with your guides and ancestors as we are u, then decide what needs to be shared !

  7. Others will awaken . Be patient . Be kind , to yourself and others but never to others at the expense of yourself. That’s the old way of RELEGIOus Martyr programming ! This will NOT benefit you anymore. So stop the behavior immediately. Stand in your truth , be gentle with those who stil need a god and savior to survive. Things are changing because of the few who were willing to walk this brave path away from tradition of bondage and into tradition of the ancients . Give it a few years , some of those who cast u aside will need u. You will not need them . Walking away from bondage wrapped in a bow (RELEGION) will service humanity , leading to a higher frequency collective. Which is the alignment that most happen according to what’s happening in the cosmos!

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Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Jul 22, 2020

Thank you Queen, good read , especially about the part were you shouldn't show your spiritual work, I didn't know that


U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
Jul 22, 2020

Great info, and definitely working on the energy light body internally.

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