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As a woman my womb has been abused and neglected and my heart has been neglected!

One day I forgot my worth, I forgot to love myself, I forgot how beautiful I was . When I look in the mirror , all I see are my flaws. The world has judged me and now I judge myself. The energy of every heartbreak is locked in my womb waiting to be released . I thought I healed , but I can tell by the things that trigger me that I’m not healed . I’ve been simply coping to survive. No one understands me. Some days I feel all alone in a room full of people . Some days I don’t want to get out of bed. I wish I could just have one day where I don’t have to carry all the heaviness of my life experiences. I’m broken but I have had to be strong , so my brokenness combined with my strength leads to a very closed hearted woman who has love but is afraid to open the heart and let it flow. Fear of being disappointed by another failed relationship or marriage makes me depressed sometimes. I can’t admit how broken I am to anyone because all they’ll say is .... pray about it . I need more then prayer . I need something I’ve never had before. I need regeneration in the core of my soul! Today the regeneration begins with me consciously saying NO when I don’t want to do something without being afraid of how people will react. I will honor myself. I will love myself. I will be myself, just as I am right now. And if it isn’t good enough for somebody, I’ll graciously release them with love!

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Take care of yourself. You have the love here, just be open to receive. I'm proud of you Sis.

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