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The Coronavirus maybe a great opportunity to restructure life!

Remember how families used to actually talk? We are having to be more concerned about our loved ones being safe then the next viral video.

Even though some of us have toxic families, we can use this as training. Knowing how to hold on to your vibration regardless of your environment is a skill that will change the things in your life that seem unchangeable! Practice makes perfect. We also have become more health conscious, even the walking dead are researching alternative ways to kill viruses. While the god big pharma, has no solutions to offer. “Are y’all catching my drift?”

We are being separated according to vibration in the form of our consciousness as we get to actually feel the density of the 3D. This is definitely making us be more motivated to change and transform.

Have you thought about how much you can impact others by being calm while others are in utter panic? This is our time to shine! So focus on what you desire to manifest. Energy flows where attention gos! Keep your mind on the new earth. Those who choose to exist in lower consciousness will live on the same planet and a totally different reality (experience).The god is media is pulling hard for power and control, just like the show American God’s!

Many of us have lost the ability to be empathic and compassionate to others. We have also lost ourselves in this fast paced society. Now that society has slowed down , you can take advantage of the portal to the new you. Those who resist the panic of this illusion will reap the rewards. And FYI, Isis told me, the event that we were on the timeline to experience was too detrimental, so this is actually grace. Let’s all raise our hands and say “THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT WITH US!” I guarantee as soon as you practice this throughout your daily experience, you’ll get signs and syncronicities letting you know , you’ve been heard!

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