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Peace family ! Being conscious means having the ability to know the truth despite the difficulties of knowing that truth. It’s the ability to observe oneself. This is such a beautiful gift but if your like us, lately the constant roller coaster feels exhausting unlike the excitement of the first phase of awakening. We’ve spoken a lot about being a thermostat minded person but this feels like a good time to encourage y’all with this lesson. Awakening to our power to overcome circumstances arises best when the environment is no longer comfortable. Unfortunately this can feel like a heavy burden if your experiencing changes that seem to be out of your control. The goal to continue to spiritually evolve is accomplished when we learn the difference between controlling ourselves and controlling our environment. So I ask, what are you trying to control ? Is it working yet? If not, stop trying to control your situation and control the way you respond to it. If kingdoms lIve within , and we know this to be true, then controlling your behavior is equivalent to be a thermostat controlling your internal environment. Shift your focus from outside and go within. Create a sacred place of solitude for yourself to imagine when you need to be restored and replenished . This can be a turquoise ocean with palm trees, the forest or a cabin in the mountains . Every time you feel like you can’t control a person, situation , your thoughts or your life, imagine this place and practice a truly feeling how it would feel to actually be there. Then tell yourself “ I’m grateful for the opportunity to create a sacred place within my temple that will support me as I heal and grow, no matter how bad things seem I can trust and believe all things work out for me because eventually they always do. Sometimes being a thermostat means surrendering control and allowing the pre-programmer system to take over. This can be done by always asking yourself “ is this beneficial or harmful for me?” If it’s harmful, this is the best time to surrender to the laws of the universe, which is a program that’s always working, it’s the equivalent of the programmed thermostat. Make this your baseline response to triggers when the environment outside of you is impossible to control in that moment. Even though the laws of the universe are always working, gaining benefits from them comes with discernment, spoken words of life and your ability to align with the energies of where you desire to be versus where you are in the present moment . So if being your higher self is determined by less outbursts of anger , when the opportunity arises, discern it, ask yourself if the first response will be beneficial or harmful then use the power of your words to shift your mind to the person you are working to become. If you turn all triggers into beautiful but maybe uncomfortable lessons and opportunities to be different then the triggers won’t cause you to be a thermometer.

A thermometer always reacts. The ability to control the temperature isn’t it’s function, it’s simply a tool used to SHOW the temperature. Thermometers signal sickness, they are actually a tool of divination. So your reactions SHOW YOU VIBRATIONALLY WHERE YOU ARE! This ain’t a bad thing if it’s used as a tool to see yourself without the illusions created by our ego to keep us safe. However, no one wants to spend thier whole life reacting as if self control is impossible to attain. This kills your confidence which leads to more triggering, more ego trips and less self mastery. Once you catch yourself being a thermometer too often, pause and take the steps above. Learning to be a thermostat requires ASE” or POWER! All thermostat require a power source but thermometers do not “old school mercury thermometers “! For the yougens reading this , yes we put glass and mercury in our mouths, it sounds crazy but it didn’t require a power source . Now that I’ve exposed my age LOL, let me tell you the benefits of sticking with this practice no matter how long it takes to master. As you practice attuning yourself to align with the beneficial timeline of living your best life, you’ll have test just to SHOW you areas that require your focus. Gaining access to power as you become the master of yourself can be done by releasing self criticism, offering compassion to self and using the spiritual tools you’ve acquired since stepping on the path of self realization. This can be petitions, mediations, prayer, ancestry offerings or self divination. Honestly the most power you can access comes from trusting the divinity within you to arise as any challenge occurs. This takes time to develop , reprogramming your subconscious mind has miraculous effects on the reality you experience. So if you always seem to have the same issues over and over , surrender to the lesson at hand, trust your higher self and spiritual team to support you no matter what observations seem out of control. Again, you must remember that the vibration of love, especially love for self will always lead you to victory . Fear will always lead to a trap. As a sovereign being we have the ability to chose love and release fear. It takes 21 days to break a habit or create a new one. The sooner you get started , the sooner you’ll become the empowered thermostat that can also master self by being a thermometer simply to self diagnose the areas that need more attention.

In life we will all have difficulties. Fearing problems that may not ever occur is a prison self imposed. Live each day like it’s the last, something you dread may or may not happen but the practice of controlling the climate within your temple is a virtue comparable to patience ! If you couldn’t succeed you wouldn’t be alive reading this. You have everything you need to live your best life, give the laws of the universe time to return the beautiful harvest of love you’ve sewn.

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Great message!! Thanks!


Right on Earnest! Wise words from a wise man. Thank you brother Earnest. This message is right on time.


U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
Jul 29, 2020

Beautiful, it's what I been working on! Self Love!

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