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C-19 is actually POSSESSION " Numbs emotions of empathy and amplifies rage, anger and frustration🦠

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

In a world where the truth is being censored... how the fuck do we find real solutions❓

Answer this short quiz to see if the information in the 3D matrix detox & the Chakra camps may benefit your spiritual healing journey !

  1. Do you know what it feels like when your soul isn't anchored in your body ❓

  2. Are you feeling like your not yourself from time to time ❓

  3. Do you have catastrophic thoughts without any reason in the present moment ❓

  4. Does your personality change when your around certain people ❓

  5. Did you catch C-19 ❓

  6. Have you been around someone whackzinated later feeling like a mild cold is developing ❓

  7. Has your menteual cycle changed in anyway ❓

  8. Has your libido changed ❓

  9. Do you feel an urge to be alone more then usual ❓

  10. Do you have intrusive thoughts that replay critical vicious loops as if someone that hates you is using your voice to make you feel negatively about yourself ❓

  11. Does it seem like something is INFECTING your relationships In a negative way ❓

  12. Are you having difficulty regulating emotions ❓

  13. Are your traumas from the past showing up daily more than ever before ❓

How many of these resonated❓Comment 👇🏾 below

Let me share information from an expert Harold Kautz which confirms EVERYTHING I have channeled since 2006!

He became ill, as a result his team of doctors and energy healers documented every symptom during the c19 infection. Empaths pay attention 👀 You aren't crazy, you have a gift to read non verbal cues translating energy into words and emotions!

The only symptom that clearly remained from the phase of acute infection was an extensive dissociation from the body. This was also confirmed as real by clairvoyent people present. They could experience the author’s energy body acting independently of the body. In one case, he remained seated while the physical body got up and left the room, which was intersubjectively perceived by several people present.

Long Covid

The permanent damage caused by the total complex was an existing spike protein allergy and loss of libido and sperm production after the infection had healed and the relapse phase had been completed. Spike protein allergy was manifested by an immediate inflammatory reaction of the oropharynx and sinuses in the vicinity of vaccinated individuals.

Shortly after the relapse, an opportunity arose to use a spiritual protocol designed for the purpose of healing Long Covid symptoms. The protocol involved realigning the chakras. During the healing session, the therapist perceived that the 2nd chakra – responsible for sexuality and creativity – was rotating to the right instead of to the left, permanently losing energy, and the 3rd chakra – responsible for life energy on the material plane – was rotated 90 degrees, pointing sideways out of the body. This perception was purely subjective. The correction that took place, however, caused a complete restoration of libido and sperm production in the author.

The problem of dissociation remained unchanged for about 2 months. In conversation with the developer of vedicinals9, Joachim Gerlach of the Vitalis Foundation, Mr. Gerlach referred to a study in which it had been proven that the spike protein blocks the BRCA1 and 53BP1 genes. This, according to the founder of the foundation, would block the genome’s ability to repair itself, which sooner or later would most likely lead to cancer. This predisposition is known to occur in breast cancer, with an 85% probability of disease in the genetically caused absence of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genomes. Since the effect of the protein was epigenetic in nature, i.e. it affected the methylation/demethylation of the gene sequences, it was a obvious option to eliminate this problem by affirmation. The affirmation, i.e. the decision made and pronounced in the heart “demethylate BRCA1” provided an immediate reconnection of the soul, and the feeling of being dissociated disappeared. “53BP1 methylate” and “53BP1 demethylate” energetically (subjectively) closed and opened the thyroid gland, where opening always simultaneously brought the feeling of dissociation, and closing brought a subjective feeling of health and strong defense. Self-healing through affirmation to realign epigenetics has been tried by several patients to date, and seems to achieve the desired results in almost all cases.

Well-being was thus restored. Unresolved to date is the spike protein allergy that makes it difficult to be with vaccinated individuals, and the possibility that random damage to DNA was caused by methylation of BRCA1, or that targeted modifications were made to the genome by mRNA transferred during shedding. After reviewing the patents, this is ultimately a goal of the vaccine campaign.

I know some of this may be difficult to innerstand without a medical professional background. My studies in chemistry, psychology,nursing and energy healer allows me to channel this info in a simple way for anyone to innerstand. The most important parts are underlined!

My heart goes out to those affected by this virus , shedding or had to be jabbed to keep thier job or remain in school.

Are you ready to love courageously❓

Heal the feeling that something is missing in life ❓ Do you feel blocked by an invisible force ❓

This is a sign of awakening to a deeper connection with your wounded inner child 👧🏽 👦🏽🧒

This is the avatar we developed to navigate the 3D matrix of work , school and mass miseducating and manipulation of our sense of self🧿

You are reading this because you are the solution to this illusion of suffering and constriction.

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You are the Nu earth 🌍 Co-creators writing Nu Verses for the cypher called life! May your soul continue its Weirdo journey unbothered by others at peace with yourself ☮️


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