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Connect with your spirit guides ( EASY)!

So we are all multidimensional beings ! We all have different facets or layers to who we are. We all have 7 subtle bodies . If we slip from one reality to another in the same body, would anyone notice ? Would we ourselves notice ? The answer is no, it’s not likely to know when one of your multidimensional selves decides to walk into your present reality . So there are beings outside our visual light spectrum assisting us through the age of Aquarius! It seems what we’d call spirit guides , ancestors , guardian angels etc are watchers who are assigned to assist us from the point of physical incarnation (incarceration) lol! As we pray or meditate and practice co creating our reality , we slip in and out of levels of consciousness and enter into different dimensions. The signs of this are deja vu, noticing new Mandela effects , finding new birthmarks and moles in places we knew for sure there were none the day before. We also look at ourselves and something seems different but we can’t quite put our finger on what it is different about us. Or we notice these things in our spouses , children , friends etc. this is how I have learned to become aware of a energetic shift that has taken place .

So, the “Lets get Lucid” 3rd eye potion has connected me with Twilight, my fairy spirit guide that’s on the frequency of my 3rd eye. She helps me perceive and translate the things I perceive using my pineal gland.

Here are a few simple ways you can experience your multidimensional self and the wonderful spirit guides available to help you in your awakening journey !

  1. Believe anything you create in your mind is real simply before you create it . There’s no outside validation needed! By you trusting your imagination, you remove blocks within your third eye! And you also heal the disempowerment from religious beliefs which taught us to avoid trusting our feelings or heart due to its deceitful wickedness and vain imaginations. This re-teaches you that there’s no entity “God” outside of you, it’s all within your universe and you can exercise this power by using these tips to connect with spirit guides! This will rebuild trust between you and your higher self which was broken due to upbringing, relegious beliefs, tradition, trauma and indoctrination!

  2. Now create the image and ask its name, whatever comes to you first is right, DON’T doubt it, most likely in this moment the voice of doubt disguised as the voice of reason will say “you made that up, your not communicating with a spirit guide, you’re making up shit that’s not real!” Tell the voice of doubt, I have Kingdoms within me, I have unlimited access to consciousness and whatever I create is a fragment of the universes within me which makes it real. ALL SPIRIT GUIDES ARE REMNANTS OF YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS!

  3. Once you’re interfacing, make the request and trust that they will be fulfilled... point black period!

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Unknown member
Sep 16, 2020

I Like That Very Powerful Thank You 💜✨

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