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Beware the tyranny of a forced vaccination

In our hometown of Memphis, we have finally reached a point of no return. The jab injuries have sky rocketed. I did a little digging to see if I could find something that encompasses what’s occurring . We will be sharing information that’s being removed here. Stay tuned ! ByKaren Harradine - December 2, 2020 Facebook Twitter

SEVERAL years ago, my husband went to work in Malaysia. Before he left, I insisted that he got every vaccine necessary for South East Asia. I have always been pro-vaccines, believing them to be a miraculous and awe-inspiring human invention. But in a free society, vaccines should never be made compulsory. I wasn’t asked for my vaccination history when I immigrated to the UK, even though I came from Africa – where diseases far worse than Covid-19 abound. I don’t recall being asked for proof of a yellow fever vaccination when I holidayed in Europe either. So why is the Government insisting on effectively making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory and taunting us with vaccine ‘freedom passes’, like a jailer dangling keys to a prison door? Dr Michael Yeadon says this is the most frightening thing he has heard for years. A volunteer vaccinator ‘will assist if there is an adverse reaction’?? I’ve never read anything quite so frightening in relation to a medical matter since starting my training in 1981. — Yardley Yeadon (@MichaelYeadon3) November 29, 2020The Government has hysterically overreacted to Covid-19, destroying our economy and society while doing so. No matter how much it persists with a vaccine programme, it won’t ever escape blame for its catastrophic lockdown policies. Mandatory vaccinations are an inappropriate response to a virus which has a 99 per cent recovery rate and a 0.1 – 0.5 per cent fatality rate for the under-55s. Covid-19 is almost over too. The Coronavirus Act 2020 doesn’t give the Government power to enforce vaccinations, but our political class will ensure that the Covid-19 jab will be mandatory in all but name. Boris Johnson and his junta seemingly take advice only from those would see us subjected to tyranny. In July, three academics gave evidence to Parliament on why the Covid-19 vaccine should be made compulsory. Not only did they say that lockdowns are compatible with human rights, but also claimed that the state has a right to arrest people who refuse the vaccine, on the basis of the Mental Health Act. This obscene contortion of human rights negates our real right to control what we put into our own bodies. Apprehensions about the rushed nature of the Covid-19 vaccine aren’t just the territory of the anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists. The British Medical Journal also has major concerns about the way vaccine trials were conducted. Not enough data and peer reviews exist yet to allow us to make informed decisions on the safety of these vaccinations. Why should we trust what the Government says on a Covid-19 vaccine given that ministers are so scientifically illiterate they even deny herd immunity? Those who parrot the official propaganda that it’s selfish not to have the vaccine care little for anyone who might suffer life-changing side-effects from it. There is also a real possibility that forcing people to have a rushed and inadequately tested vaccine is a future health crisis in the making. Vaccines are vital in the fight against deadly diseases, but don’t eradicate all illnesses. Smallpox is the onlydisease ever to be successfully eliminated. Max Theiler took eight years to develop and test his Nobel Prize-winning yellow fever vaccine, while Jonas Salk trialled his life-saving polio vaccine for three yearsuntil it was safe enough to be administered. The science behind flu vaccines is still being debated. That Matt Hancock imbues Covid-19 vaccines with magical superpowers shows how little he understands them. Vaccines prevent infection by reducing transmission and stop people from becoming severely ill should they become infected. The manufacturers of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine have admitted they don’t have the statistical data to show if it will achieve either of these two outcomes. That alone shows how experimental their vaccine is. Questions also surround the claim that the Oxford University / AstraZenica vaccine is 90 per cent effective. Their low-dose trial tested only participants under 55 years old, a bizarre undertaking given that it’s the elderly who are at most risk of catching, and dying from, Covid-19. Moderna and Pfizer’s brief trials for their vaccines resulted in side-effects at a rate of two per cent, higher than normal for a vaccine. This means around 700,000 could experience bad fatigue, flu-like symptoms and a fever from taking these vaccines. Long-term side effects from an mRNA vaccine – which uses the genetic code of a virus to generate an immune response, rather than a weakened form of the virus – are unknown. Those with autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, could have flare-ups from the side-effects, although this is theoretical because no data has been established yet. Thanks to an EU law, vaccine manufacturers will have legal immunity against any damage claims from any side-effects. There’s clearly not enough data on the safety or validity of Covid-19 vaccines or how these will interact with other conditions. So why is the Government so keen on forcing us all to take it? Laws like wearing a seatbelt make sense and that’s why most people follow them. Putting an unproven vaccine into your body doesn’t. No wonder so many are questioning why we have to obey yet another harmful Covid-19 rule based on dodgy data, on pain of being fined or arrested. Not everyone who objects to lockdowns is a ‘Covid denier’. Not every person who objects to the vaccine is an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Balance and rationality have been thrown away to the extent that we are truly living in a dystopian present. As a Jew, I have an innate sense of revulsion at the thought of mandatory vaccines. The Nazis sought to cleanse Germany of anyone seen as a threat to public health, embarking on mass sterilisation programmes for ‘undesirables’. Tyrannical regimes like to justify heinous actions like these by claiming they are for the ‘greater good’. In concentration camps, such as Buchenwald, prisoners were subjected to experimental vaccinesfor diseases like typhoid fever. There can be no comparison to the Shoah (the Holocaust), but the Government needs to be reminded how closely it is following in the footsteps of tyranny. The USSR favoured psychiatric imprisonment for political dissidents. Soviet doctors resorted to inventing a new form of mental illness, called ‘sluggish schizophrenia’, using this ‘diagnosis’ to imprison any subversives. The medical profession in Soviet Russia was complicit in the torture and illegal detainment of those who did not toe the party line. For the Government to force suspect mandatory Covid-19 vaccines on the British public turns us all into involuntary human experiments. This contravenes the Nuremberg Code, written after Nazi doctors were put on trial for performing their medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners. The code states that it’s deeply unethical to force or coerce a person to take part in medical experiments, saying: ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.’ Threatening to arrest anti-vaxxers or make life impossible for those who don’t want the vaccine certainly counts as coercion and contravenes the Nuremberg Code. That the British government could also attempt to connect mental illness with the right to govern our own bodies is terrifying. To question the Government can result in a visit from the police, another sign that Britain is now a fascist country. Why are they ignoring medical ethics and threatening to inject us all with a vaccine which is neither safe nor needed? Not even the anti-vaxx movement against the MMR vaccine received this level of vitriol and threats from the Government and police, despite these diseases beingfar more lethal than Covid-19. That the Government is stamping down so ruthlessly, and violently, on any dissent shows that ‘the lady doth protest too much’. The state has long sought to control our minds and speech. Now they are coming for our bodies.

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