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There is very strong evidence showing that Humans are actually the result of genetic modification done by "Gods" or advanced extra-terrestrial beings who came from the "Heavens". Many here are remotely familiar with this idea but have never researched the topic in depth. It is my aim to show conclusively that this is not just an alternative theory to evolution or creation but rather the most factually and historically accurate explanation behind the mysterious origin of Man that we have so far. First off, the name itself: Human. Contrary to what the liars and disinformants of the etymological cabal will tell you in their books or top-rated google search results, the origin of the word Human does not in fact derive from the Latin "homo". It comes from the Sanskrit Hu, meaning God, and Man/Manu, meaning Man. A Hu-man is literally a God-man. Second, our "missing" Chromosomes. We are supposed to be closely related to chimps and yet have two entire Chromosomes less than them. That is a lot of genetic information! Do we really have less information than a chimp? Here is a big secret they won't tell you: we aren't missing any Chromosomes, they have merely been fused! This alone bespeaks the obvious sign of genetic tampering done by intelligent beings. However, crafty evolutionists have somehow tried to use this as proof of evolution or the spontaneous result of natural means. This is easily refuted however, as the fusion site is a telomere-telomere conjunction, completely unheard of in nature: "More importantly, this new fusion-like sequence wasn’t what the researchers were expecting to find since it contained a signature never seen before. All known fusions in living animals are associated with a sequence called satellite DNA (satDNA) that fuses in one of the two following scenarios: 1) satDNA-satDNA or 2) satDNA-telomereDNA. (Telomeres are the regions at the end of chromosomes that contain thousands of repeats of the DNA sequence “TTAGG.”)3,4 The alleged fusion sequence contained a different signature, a telomere-telomere fusion, and, if real, would be the first documented case ever seen in nature." In other words, our gene fusion is indisputably the result of unnatural genetic modification (this also disproves the pig/chimp theory). Thirdly, this was all spelled out for us thousands of years ago, literally. The Sumerian epic of creation recites: "Let a Primitive Worker be created!" "The creature whose name you uttered— IT EXISTS! (Bigfoot/Yeti?) All you have to do, he added, is to Bind upon it the image of the gods." I will produce a lowly Primitive; "Man" shall be his name. I will create a Primitive Worker; He will be charged with the service of the gods, that they might have their ease. {That Man was created to be a servant of the gods did not strike the ancient peoples as a peculiar idea at all. In biblical times, the deity was "Lord," "Sovereign," "King," "Ruler," "Master." The term that is commonly translated as "worship" was in fact avod ("work"). Ancient and biblical Man did not "worship" his god; he worked for him.} 'They summoned and asked the goddess, the midwife of the gods, the wise birth giver, [saying:] “To a creature give life, create workers! Create a Primitive Worker, that he may bear the yoke! Let him bear the yoke assigned by Enlil, Let The Worker carry the toil of the gods!” ' " Mix to a core the clay from the Basement of the Earth, just above the Abzu, and shape it into the form of a core. I shall provide good, knowing young Anunnaki who will bring the clay to the right condition." The place where these procedures were carried out was a special structure called in Akkadian Bit Shimti, which, coming from the Sumerian SHI.IM.TI literally meant “house where the wind of life is breathed in”—the source, no doubt, of the biblical assertion that after having fashioned the Adam from the clay, Elohim “blew in his nostrils the breath of life.” "The god who purifies the napishtu, Enki, spoke up. Seated before her [Ninti] he was prompting her. After she had recited her incantation, she put her hand to the clay." "The newborn’s fate thou shalt pronounce; Ninki would fix upon it the image of the gods; And what it will be is “Man.” The birth goddesses were kept together. Ninti sat, counting the months. The fateful tenth month was approaching, The tenth month arrived— the period of opening the womb had elapsed." "I have created! My hands have made it! The first Adam was brought forth." What is this mysterious clay they keep referring to? The Akkadian term for the "clay" - or, rather, "molding clay" - is tit. But its original spelling was TI.IT ("that which is with life"). In Hebrew, tit means "mud"; but its synonym is bos, which shares a root with bisa ("marsh") and besa ("egg"). This clay is none other than the female ovum, and was administered in-vitro fertilization for the newly created being. The new being was called "the Adamu" because he was created of the adama, the Earth's soil. He was, in other words, "the Earthling." Lacking only certain "knowing" and a divine span of life, the Adamu was in all other respects created in the image (selem) and likeness (dmut) of his Creators. The use of both terms in the text was meant to leave no doubt that Man was similar to the Gods both physically and emotionally, externally and internally. Fascinatingly, the Goddess who created Adamu, Ninti, was also known as Mammu, the original Mom of humanity. This extremely detailed sequence of events written on cuneiforms tablets (of which 50,000 yet undeciphered were "accidentally" destroyed in the war against Iraq. Thanks George Bush for destroying our history you fucking criminal!) are further supported by the innumerable tales and stories of these God beings from nearly every culture and ancient civilization. Uncanny similarities exist between the "Gods" in mythology and history alike, and there is no doubt such a race of being actually existed. Given the sudden emergence of the ancient civilizations with advanced math, astronomy, agriculture, domesticated animals, and sophisticated structures that could not have been built by primitive man (Great Pyramids, Heliopolis, Teotihuacan, Kailasa Temple, Stone Henge) it is also certain that Man had immediate supervision and knowledge handed down from these race of beings. And finally, the answer to the question can be answered: why did man have his Chromosomes fused down to 46? Simple, so these Gods could procreate with them: "There were Nefilim in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." The Nefilim were literally "those who from Heaven to Earth came". They were attracted to the Human women and made babies- Demi-Gods like Hercules. Everything makes sense when you understand the extra-terrestrial origins of Man. It is truly the "missing link".

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