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Peace peace remnants! I see ya. So ya vibe is high and you dancing in the bliss of growing spiritually and feeling good about all your progress! Yes, Ase’! Finally separated from negative people and places especially from them yucky energy draining leeches. Okay! Though you’ve worked hard and see a great amount of change in yourself, you still can’t help but to notice the up and down, in and out feelings you find ya self in more lately! Well we all know it’s frequency wars going on all around us constantly hacking and wearing us down. All the electronics play in the atmospheric pressure of radiation poisoning!!! So, what are you doing about the stagnant negative energy that lingers around you? I have come up with a superb elemental infusion using the copper and crystal technology. Introducing the Crystal Dream Catcher. This unique tool is working wonders for greatly reducing the negative energetic effects of Emf’s and clearing the space promoting harmony and calming vibrations! Inspired and motivated through a desire to keep the home balanced full of loving, creative, and positive vibrations the Crystal Dream Catcher is here! Don’t just get one, set the tone in your home by securing a few to harness the resonance of peace and tranquility that you desire!

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