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DAY 1 Post Higher Self Litual

PEACE RG WEIRDO GANG GANG 🖖🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏽🖖🏼🔮🎩🧜🏾‍♀️🧚🏾‍♂️💫

Last night Higher Self Integration Litual (Lit+ritual)

Was very interesting. Immediately as we chanted the spell with moans and orgasmic sounds of YES, inviting and invoking the characteristics of our higher self led to blockages coming to the surface to be healed. I had no idea how tight and rigid I’ve been concerning sensuality, weirdness and innocence. The first few moans made me giggle . I turned into a blushing little girl . For a minute or two I noticed my judgmental ego saying “This is not working “! U sound stupid . Why are you making all of this noise and your not having sex? In that moment I realized how freaking fragmented I’ve really been. Once the guardian of the threshold moment began , I heard Earnest GOING IN🤣. I had to tell him “DON’T wake the kids”! That Aries energy and the planetary alignment had him on a ALL OR NOTHING MOOD FOREVER! So I unleashed , I unpacked some blissful sounds I’ve never made before . Determined to gather the fragments of myself that I’d lost through all kinds of trauma and programming . Once my ego was in its place , I could just be! Without any judgement , without other people’s morals controlling me! It was liberating the parts of me that have been enslaved by judgements of others , causing me to judge myself . So if your going to do the litual, be sure to give it your all. Ain’t no half stepping in magic ❣️🎩

After placing the remaining wax and crystals in my purse , I felt more relaxed and confident, because I knew I had a secret weapon with me at all times that will act as a security system for anything trying to access my aura, with the goal of making me be divided from my higher self. If you did the litual, find an inspired action that will challenge you to come out of your usual routine. We went to the park and played like kids, not concerned about what anybody else thought . Then we pranked a drive thru server ! Lol it was innocent and no one got harmed . But we learned something new , your higher self is free of 3D programming about what’s right and wrong . Your higher self wants you to enjoy life , make the best of every moment and LIVE UNTETHERED TO CRITICS, THIS INCLUDES YOUR OWN INNER CRITIC. Needless to say, we had one of the most enjoyable nights ever ! IT’S NOT TO LATE. If the crystal doesn’t melt into the wax, you can leave the tin around the tea light and drop it in the wax. I added roses and bay leaf as my own twist . Roses encompass love, strength and beauty and bay leaf is great for making wishes come true ! I also added ylang ylang oil for the aphrodisiac effect towards myself, allowing me to not only love all of me, but be in love with all of me💚❣️. We will update y’all on the after effects and the synchronicities. We saw 999 at the same time today and we knew it was a sign! This spell is a magical gumbo! We’re very humbled and grateful for everyone who has purchased it!

MUCH LOVE, Khamsin and Earnest👁💋

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