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It’s time to Decree a Divorce from lack belief systems !

- the love of money is not the root of all evil because to be god is to be love , if you love your money and you know you are a sacred divine being here to create a new world, you’ll use your love for money to benefit humanity. Without currency , our ability to create the reality we desire and the ability to help others becomes limited . The church didn’t want us to love our money to keep us powerless and unable to assist the awakening of humanity. You are an extension of Source and Money is an extension of you. Source can stream new realities through you using money .

Why would the law of attraction work for you if you have a subconscious or conscious belief that love of money is the root of all evil.

Actually the root of all evil is willful ignorance . We perish for lack of knowledge, lack of knowledge is the root of all evil!

Currently power is shifting as consciousness shift. The Highest paid people will be those committed to serving others alongside serving self! Also money will be a by product of those living in their truth and doing what they love. There was a time when commitment to one of your souls purposes meant being broke! This is no longer true! Wealth is manifesting in the lives of those with pure hearts and intentions directed to healing and educating others!

Your relationship with money reflects your ability to receive energy. If we have walls up and blocks , our ability to receive is impaired. When we learn to discern energy and remove walls to receive, the flow of currency opens up! Money blocks are a manifestation of energy blocks caused by fear of being your authentic self, being judged and being outcasted. We must detach from being attached to the outcome. We must stop letting fear of potential outcomes dictate what we believe is possible ! The Age of Aquarius is all about KNOWING !

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