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🐲 Do you feel the portal TODAY❓The war between head & heart is ending ❤️‍🔥🥳

Demystifying the war between the mind and heart. Learn to make love not war! This is self love!

🌀Moon is 15 degrees- I nurture myself with emotions that calm and comfort  the mind. I can feel the calmness of today which is such a gift. Uranus 15 degrees holds the step 5 vibration which is the mind. Uranus is the higher octave vibration of Mercury which is in Gemini this can lead to overthinking. 🌀The mind is stimulated to run constantly which exhaust Mercury and our mental stamina. Emotions are supposed to drive thoughts not the other way around. Practice feeling better this helps to settle any negative inner thoughts. When we do this we steer ourselves in the ocean of consciousness towards the life we desire to experience.

🐲Many times I find myself desiring to be a Nu better version of myself but my thoughts drown out my heart, inner chaos occurs when the mind takes the driver seat. The mind is like a intoxicated drunk driver or a 3 year old child convinced they can drive a vehicle. A responsible parent knows the child can’t drive YET so we strap them in a car seat to protect them from hurting themselves and others until they are mature enough to drive a vehicle. Though the child may kick, scream and cry for attention, we must keep them safely strapped in the backseat to prevent harm on themselves and others. Sometimes as a parent focusing on the gps ( heart, spirit, goddess/god, Creator, Higher Idivine Self , Universe) is drowned out by the wounded inner child crying for help. Turning up the volume on the gps helps to hear the directions to reach your destination. Watch your mind from a neutral space. Are your thoughts creating supportive dialogue or are you thinking thoughts that feel bad to think. By observing thoughts you can determine which thoughts reflect the way you want to feel and which do not.

🌀The secret to successfully attracting more reasons to be grateful happen when we discover which one is best in the driver seat. This navigation is also our intuition, the inner spiritual guidance powered by the heart.

🌀Do your emotions drive your thoughts or do your thoughts drive your emotions ? Lack of self awareness is intoxicating because manual navigation requires energy but a untrained mind can’t fuel progress when we are overwhelmed, overthinking and exhausted as a result (mental fatigue)

Our automatic reaction is usually a reflection of the subconscious mental chatter. Pay attention to your automatic reactions when triggered. 🌀This opens the boxes in the attic of the mind to help sort through the old stuff compartmentalized and long forgotten. The chariot (mind) in front of the horse (heart) cannot  carry you forward. When your life seems to be stagnant repeating the same old soundtrack like a hit pop song that drives you crazy, switch the channel to your I heart radio station, crank up the volume to mute the I mind radio station. Walk your horse ( heart ) in the front of the chariot (mind) let your horse know that you have discovered and accepted their purpose.

🌀Apologize for keeping your heart in the background. Lay your hand on your heart say “ you were created to be my lead singer not the background singer !” I trust your horse power’s ability to pull my chariot. Hop in, feel the Nu groove of the heart🎶 Groove is in the hearrrrt❤️‍🔥🎶

🌀This is a good time to release any expectations of how you should exist in the world. You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself, so that you can devote more time to nurturing creativity and heal deeper wounds and insecurities of how you show up in the world. MOST OF US KNOW WE CAN DO BETTER BUT LACK THE MOTIVATION TO BE CONSISTENT❣️The way to fix this is by REALIZING YOU AREN'T BROKEN, YOUR MATRIX IS BROKEN😲JOIN A TRIBE OF OTHERS ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH OF SELF MASTERY 🕉️FOR A POWERFUL GROUP MEDITATION 2.3.23 @ 8PM CST

Demystify the war between heart & mind!

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