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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

So as you can tell by the title of this blog , your in for a treat. Have you been traveling dimensions in your dreams ? Are you meditating more often? Are you attempting to connect with spirit guides and your higher self? If you answered yes to any of these , this potion is a tool to protect you as you journey deeper into your spiritual path.

Are you doing shadow work?

As you know we had a webinar on January 17th 2021 which is a part of the Phoenix rise from the ashes series, called “ Shadow Work using your galactic signature”! You can rsvp here on our website!

The shadow is the unconscious, subconscious parts of our minds which is the area where data is stored which determines our triggers based on core wounds. Due to inteference of the ego, shadow self and childhood conditioning, we become broken into remnants. As we face our inner demons in an attempt to know thy self as we are on a path to being whole there are many parasites and astral entities looking for an oppurtunifty to feed from negative emotions. We discuss more of this here on the show.

This oil is for protection and help going through the abyss , subconscious, unconscious mind for healing as well! The whole planet is experiencing an abyss as it has opened to release so that healing can happen . Shadow work is very sacred and must be protected !


One drop of the potion with your kids name and birthdate on parchment paper (optional, a paper bag will work as well).

Repeat this 3 times . Remember the triple dark goddess was called upon as I made this potion . If something else resonates more , go with that. Here is what I use!

Now wrap thread or string around the paper , with the drop of oil on it. You can put this somewhere that will be protected form being misplaced or you can make a protection jar by placing the past in the jar with sea salt, Himalayan salt or black salt .

”Wrap it tight and knot the thread. My child is safe wherever they tread”.

Another way to use the potion .

You can write a list with everything that no loger serves you, like unhealthy emotions, thoughts, behaviours, etc. and offer it to the fire of the Goddess. This is such a powerful exercise of cleaning and rejuvenating.

Take time to share your deepest gratitude to the Fierce Goddess the primordial dragon . Put a drop in the black candle and say good bye to what no longer serves you !

In this potion here are a few things I used . Rosemary , Clove, resin made of Myrrh, citrine , patchouli and Sedona rocks from Sedona, Arizona. These are all powerful protective herbs and negative energy repelling crystals .

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