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🚨 Emergency New Earth 🌏 Energy Update

Any hidden habits we are using as a crutch will be shaken today.

Those who surrender, await a sweet release. These blockages will be chipped away for the next 28 days. Whether it’s porn replacing intimacy, coping mechanisms, or emotional wounds we continue to nurse like anger, resentment, and fear-focused perceptions of our reality.

These inner demons must be faced with faith you have the power within your IDIVINE self to release.

Here’s an example, my habit of fawning, a trauma response need to people-pleasing cause major headaches. This habit must be replaced with assertive responses from my heart of how I feel when I’m on the other end of toxic behaviors. This may be upsetting to people who are used to me being nice even while they are being an asshole.

I’m not the world's emotional regulator, that energy is required to manage my NU way of protecting my emotions as a Scorpio moon today is a new level of existing in this lifetime; possibly the lesson is incarnated to learn across many past lives.

Check your natal chart using the Chani app or to see which planets are involved in this astrological blockage-breaking phase which may last up to 28 days!

Anything that’s based on the old earth is being shaken out of your hands for a reason.

Are you ready to let it go? Are you ready to be the Nu U?

I know that you’re ready because you’re reading this. It’s time to commit to the Nu way of being, to shift one step at a time at a higher frequency on the Nu-Earth.

It’s time to sing the song your soul came to live!

Our courses are priced to reach as many as possible so that financial situations aren’t an excuse to avoid doing the work your heart is begging you to commit to.

Make the commitment NOW!

The bifurcation has kicked into high gear. Remember to coast through any chaos, don’t try to fight against the currents!

~ Khamsin

We'll talk more about this tonight during the podcast. Register so you don't miss out by clicking the image below.


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