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ENERGY UPDATE “ Your decisions NOW will impact the next decade of your life”!

All decisions we make will be the foundation for the next 10 years of our life give or take. So make them carefully. Explore the possible outcomes of decisions before you make a final decision on anything. Perform any forms of divination possible to support you but ultimately use your intuition versus your logic only . This will create a stronger bond with your higher self by way of trusting your intuition no matter what the 3D matrix is showing you to be true. You create your own narrative, using your heart as the tablet and the decisions is the pen in which your decision will create a contract for your soul . Watch closely what and who you align yourself with .

We must review our beliefs to see if they are supporting our aspirations or working against us succeeding. Make a list of your beliefs about yourself , your finances, your relationships, how to attain success in business etc. This will be a list that grows as you observe yourself. Don’t try to rush it. Allow these beliefs which come in the form of thoughts , triggers and behaviors (how we react or respond to triggers ) to flow to you, just be open to see and receive the insight on the programs running in your subconscious and conscious mind. By welcoming them, staying open to receive even if this means discomfort . Here are some questions I use to take internal inventory of my beliefs both subconscious and conscious.

What are areas of conflict in your life right now ?

What should you be doing to resolve them ?

What should you be doing to be successful?

What should you be doing to cultivate self love ?

What should you be doing everyday for your spiritual growth ?

What should you stop doing that no longer serves you ?

What should you start doing to benefit you ?

Now the list of what you should and shouldn’t be doing will reveal how much pressure you put on yourself. If it’s imbalanced and you are burdened by some of the shoulda’s , then releasing them temporarily or forever. The point of this is being intentional about how you live one decision at a time.

Once you have allowed this list to build one day at time , go back to it as much as possible to see if there are changes in what you believe . How is your life now that some of the unrealistic expectations you place on yourself. Below is a quote to ponder !

No law can be sacred to me but that of my nature. The only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it." ...Emerson

Now if you have our self love potion , use this in a white candle to help you accept these new findings. Meditate with the flame. Write a mantra like “ no matter what comes up, I will offer love to it”!

-There is nothing outside of me more powerful then me!

-I am calm and centered, grounded in Mother Earth’s core no matter what unexpected things may arise !

-My body and life is a projection of what I feel about myself and right now I feel great about the person I am right here right now!

-I fully embrace all of me, light and dark, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, ego self and higher self because they are all working together for my highest potential to be reached !

Now take the sacral chakra potion and place one or 2 drops in your hands, rub them together to activate your hand chakras afterwards smell the potions to allow its essence to become imbued within you . This will increase creativity and keeps you in a place to receive inspiration, solutions and ideas that will benefit you . Now if you don’t have the potion , I’ll add the links to both “ self love potion and sacral chakra potion for you to purchase! Now , truly beneficial magick is accomplished very simply by using : imagination , creativity, self trust used with a strong emotionally charged focus . Now remember your intention is more important then having a lot of ingredients, so use what you have access to. If you don’t have any of these supportive minerals (crystals) you can substitute these with a clear quartz as well! Now take your citrine , rose quartz, strawberry quartz or kunzite in your left hand (receiving hand ) merge your energy with the ancient wisdom and healing power within each one by visualizing yourself connected to the crystal with golden rays of light or dark matter which to resembles galactic light patterns . Use whichever resonates the most with your present beliefs or the beliefs that you know are beneficial for the person you desire to become. If visualizing is difficult, imagine feeling what this light or darkness feel like on your hands. Imagine the crystal itself is merging with your auric field by visualizing the golden rays or galactic darkness surrounding you and filling up your auric field. I also created a potion to open your 3rd eye to be able to have stronger more clear visualizations. I will add the link here .

Now after filing yourself with this emanating light or darkness, close the litual with a Ase’ , so mote it be or however you choose to close out your experience!

Drop a comment below. One question that can help is determine the present needs of the collective . Does this resonate with you ? Why or why not?


Honey Citrine crystals

Self love potion

Kyanite crystal

Strawberry quartz

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Fire Water
Fire Water
Apr 19, 2021

Powerful share, give thanks 👸🏽🤴🏾! When you state , “Your Decisions NOW”; do we a month, day or until end of Aries season before this portal timeline curtain close and reopens again in 2031.I forgot to ask ya’ll earlier during the live. ✌🏽

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