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SAMPLE DEFINITIONS from the Massive Two-Volume (1,500+ Pages) Higher Self-Education Material Entitled: “FUNKTIONARY®: Liberating Words, Challenging Minds & Changing Lives”

Dr. Blynd (Funk Laureate / Metaphysician / Streetball Legend / Impact Visionary / Change Agent / Father-Elder) FUNKTIONARY®: “The Best of All Possible Words—Free Your Mind with the Power to Define.”

Dr. Blynd has unveiled to all hue-manity a life-altering, mind-enhancing and heart-expanding higher Self- discovery and spiritual unfoldment tool called the “FUNKTIONARY: The Word Made Fresh.” The organic and forever-unfolding FUNKTIONARY is designed to make your abrasive truths more aligned with the slippery subjective nature of reality—uncertainty, unpredictability, imperfection and incessant change. Revealing your truths to yourself and then examining, testing and editing those truths in light of the attributes of reality are the first step in one’s awakening process. The FUNKTIONARY is an experiential recursive learning tool. Engaging the FUNKTIONARY with critical thought is your opportunity to uncover and challenge cherished assumptions, limiting beliefs, and constricting truths that determine (and circumscribe) your subjective reality. The Funktionary, in myriad ways, helps facilitate your gradual but ineluctable awakening to your glorious Unbirthday—the awareness of the immortal Self.

Thankfully, we live dynamically in reality and not in static truth. The truth about truth has long been ignored instead of being understood. Moreover, truth (both its structure and content) has been erroneously edified, deified and romanticized. However, in reality’s defense, Consciousness has sprouted a very unique real-life expository deprogramming guide for becoming more sensitized and consciously aware of the quantum and oneiric (dream-like) nature of reality. Many sages and mystics throughout history, in countless ways, have registered their distaste and disenchantment with both falsehood and the illusions of truth that we hold as sacrosanct or sacred. Truth certainly has its cosmic function within our evolving walking-time dream-like lives, but it surely isn’t to make us slaves to its illusions, i.e., certainty, objectivity, permanence and perfection in the face of constant flux, quantum flow, morphing and mutation. Reality is a universally uncertain, spontaneous, subjective, ceaselessly changing (forever- evolving), and eternally imperfect (incomplete) state of infinity (unfathomable dream-like fantasy). We are not in the world; the world is literally within us—we are the world replete with all of its myriad mysteries, paradoxes, joys, pains, nuances and complexities. Just because you’re in the dark doesn’t mean you’re off the hook!! With our Third-Eye we must first go Deep-See diving and take a second look.

We have been utterly misled, misplaced and formatted into states of mind (reality boxes) that imperceptibly serve us our problems as our very solutions. In order to break through the sophistry, lies, deceptions, oppression, repression and distortions generated, perpetrated and perpetuated by the elite psychopaths (dominant minority) through the ages, the FUNKTIONARY® was created to counter the conventional, transcend the traditional, upend the orthodox and parlay us in and out of the paradox— where we can directly engage and confront our cherished assumptions in a manner that ushers in a higher level of awareness by infusing us with the fruits of a brand new “Lexiconsciousness.” It was our shining prince and martyr, Brother Malcolm X, who once exclaimed to an audience: “make it plain.” In a violent world of planned suffering by the pathological elite gone haywire, it is quite difficult to make hardly anything plain as long as we harbor a grossly distorted dualistic view of Self and the world we manifest (emanating from the Absolute). We are in this fine menagerie living to love, not merely loving to live. Subjectivity is our true nature—the perceived cannot perceive nor can the shadow move on its own.

The FUNKTIONARY® is an Afro-futuristic “mirrorealization” in literal space-time of the Love Divine Infinite Black-box Mind. By engaging the FUNKTIONARY®, you begin to unravel nested reality boxes and feel knowledge vacuums, that when left unexamined and unchallenged, are responsible for the observable phenomenon of black holes in hue-man consciousness. Black holes in consciousness have created and continue creating the all-too-clueless class, i.e., the well-fed and mislead throughout all socio-economic strata of society, but especially amongst the unread, misinformed, uninformed, distracted, mis-

educated, socially-conditioned and semiliterate masses separated through socialist distancing measures.

Written from the existential dimension, the FUNKTIONARY® helps liberate words from their static-state and allows them to breathe again through us all via mind-to-mouth and mouth-to-mind resuscitation because life, oscillating between order and chaos, never remains static—but ever in continuous flux— ceaselessly dynamic. When we ‘mis-map’ our world we create imbalance, confusion, conflict, injustice and mishap in the world. Finally there is a book available that truly serves as a sorely needed cosmic dose—prescribed and filled by innate Consciousness—in order to educate (tease out) the hidden dimensions of our lives so that we may fully embrace life with ample ‘metaphorplay,’ only this time, coming to terms with reality that constantly recalibrates itself.

Through the “magic of language,” the FUNKTIONARY serves as a catalyst for accessing and fine-tuning the whole spectrum of consciousness while simultaneously changing the channels of human consciousness. The language of consciousness allows us to create, identify and express our own choice of subjective reality. By better understanding the language of consciousness operating in each channel, man may obtain a more expansive and comprehensive view of what we collectively take to be our respective personal consciousness (subjective reality) in accord with an unceasing convergence of universal consciousness (reality-as-infinity). The more alignment with the unfolding harmonic convergence of universal consciousness with the attributes of our personal consciousness, the more luminous, symbiotic and harmonious man becomes in relation to his essential True Self, others, and the ecologies he inhabits.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the truth shall set you up as it sets you free—once it pisses you off and after you pay for it dearly. Trying to influence others so that they will help pay the price for your freedom will only cost you (rob you of it). The FUNKTIONARY is no mere pedantic excursion into a variety of hoary or banal verities. It is potent alchemical literary ‘textosterone;’ unprecedented in its advent, content and portent. So, become phfree from the need to be free and maybe even earn your Ph.F. degree.

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