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Full Blue moon 8-22-21 LITUAL🪄🎩🌕

Full moon ritual - august 22-23rd 2021

this litual can be done within 3 days of the full moon for maxim power but anytime is beneficial!

In what ways are you inauthentic? What can you do to change this? How can you let go of this as you head towards Autumn and Winter?

  • What is one last goal you’d love to accomplish before Autumn is here? What’s standing in your way? What fears do you have about it? How can you crush and overcome them to accomplish your dreams?

Write a letter or thank you note to a friend or loved one! This time of year is all about abundance and harvesting what we’ve sown. Literally or metaphorically. Take a moment to let those who add joy to your life know how grateful you are! Now actually send it to them!

Other ideas for the full blue moon

  • Choose a documentary that you and your friends watch. Set up a time to have a salon-style discussion about the documentary.

  • Clean up your social media profiles: delete posts and photos that don’t represent your current values or beliefs.

  • Conserve energy and “green” your home (Aquarius rules electricity). Some ideas: switch to LED bulbs, ask your electricity provider about green power, explore solar chargers for small devices, and use AC sparingly.

  • Participate in a group meditation or a yoga class to awaken your higher. Aquarius rules 3rd eye! Or play a voice guided meditation with your intentions to manifest for the upcoming season! We have meditation playlist on YouTube that have many different meditations.

Sit some crystal out to get charged by the moon, charge some water to make your moon water. Speak your intentions and affirmations then drink it with gratitude and an inner smile. Close your eyes and imagine you've manifested. Lay down and day dream about it. After a hour or longer , bring in your crystals and place them under your pillow or bed while you sleep! If you have any of our potions or elixirs , pull them out and put them to work for you! I'll also post a vid on ig and tiktok of my personal full moon litual! Check it out Khamsin_The_Oracle/ tiktok

Remnantsgatheringwgg/ IG

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