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Lies may get us what we want short term but in the end, honesty will lead to what we actually need.

A healthy relationship breaks down to one simple thing. Would you rather be honest and hated or loved living in an illusion built by lies?

Most often growing up feeling unseen and unheard which led us to use coping strategies, becoming whatever we had to become to be loved. This often led to lying about how we really feel. We hid our needs hoping this would help others to see us as an asset rather than a burden.

Someone may ask us “what we want to eat, “ in fear of being rejected we respond by asking them “ what do you want to eat?” Rejection sensitivity happens to be a characteristic embedded in many people who have experienced some form of negligence, abuse and rejection. Most often lying isn’t from a place of malice. We lie to keep peace, however it’s beneficial to consider self observation to see the difference between lying to keep peace versus being honest to be authentic.

Over time the person who may be intuitively picking up on these lies may become distant chipping away trust. Vulnerability cannot happen without honesty. Sometimes our truth may upset our partner but remember how important being genuine is to a healthy relationship.

They may or may not hate what you want to express. They may respect you for having courage to share a difficult truth. Eventually you may resent or even hate the consequences of being dishonest over time.

The consequences often lead to us forgetting who we are and what we need in a relationship. If you find it difficult to ask for what you want from your partner or share difficult truths, remember there is value in asserting your needs and wants. Wether they agree to meet the needs or not. You are teaching yourself to be transparent and honest. Your partner may be willing to work towards meeting you half way but if you have to lie to be loved, trust and vulnerability will erode leaving behind a trail of guilt and shame. As the saying goes “ don’t write a check your ass can’t cash!”

I highly recommend “ Inner child healing chakra camp which includes both sacral chakra and solar plexus FREE!”

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We also have bundled ALL of the healing ceremonies, meditations and lituals to guide you through the process of reprogramming self sabotaging mindsets!

With the help from your request for ways to transform shadows into super powers, we gathered techniques that are effective if you do the work. But let’s dispose of everything that doesn’t work . I have discovered many of the things that don’t work so you can STAY FOCUSED on what does!

And I’ll show you immediately how you can implement it practically in your lives.“

3D Matrix detox 🔴BENEFITS

1. Practice being vulnerable by admitting and embracing shadow aspects 

2. Over come fear of judgement 

3. Gain confidence ( solar plexus activation)

4. Learn to Feel safe being authentic ( root chakra activation)

5. Release the fear of being rejected ( inner child wound healing )

6. Create connection with your soul tribe 

7. Realize you don’t have anything to feel ashamed about. 

8. Learning to be honest especially when it’s uncomfortable 

9. Create a stronger connection with your Idivinity ( higher self ) ( heart chakra healing)

10. Integrate your shadow self by expressing repressed parts of yourself 

11. Increase your ability to withstand criticism 

12. Lessen the fear of intimacy ( Solar plexus, sacral  & root chakra healing .

13. Develop unconditional self love and trust by allowing your inner child to play more ( heart chakra activation ) root chakra healing and inner child healing .

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