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The Moon here can emphasize the very darkest aspects of Gemini 1. This is because the Moon represents the unconscious and this decan especially deals with having to face one’s shadow. The problem here is that it is very hard to see shadows in the dark, and it is much more likely we will project the boogeymen onto others at this time. Another problem is running away from intimacy. At this Lunar eclipse we are very uncomfortable with really deep emotions, they are just too extreme and volatile at this time. So, don’t get drunk and send a Skype video of your puffy, drivelling, all-cried-out face to your Ex if they have dumped you. Nail in the coffin, repeat. If that Ex wasn’t a callous psychopath before you met them, they will certainly become one if you offload ‘heavy emotional stuff’ onto them during this lunar eclipse.

Those touched by this Lunar eclipse might feel like the worst demon on earth. All because of simply wanting more breathing space. It’s that polarity working again with Moon Gemini 1 holding up the lunar mirror. We will have little patience with other peoples hangups and neurosis, but at the same time this lunar eclipse will greatly help us heal our deep, dark shadows from other’s harsh words of intolerance. 



BEST FOR: Facing your shadow, exorcisms, watching heroic, feel-good films, nerding out, stretching your soul, stretching your body, finding good twins, seeing omens from the universe, horse-riding, restraint during conflicts, seizing the day, riches and honor.

WORST FOR: Torture, torturous yoga positions, pulling muscles, blubbering to your Ex, anything with your ex, meeting evil twins, being lazy, chaotic actions, using too much force, behaving like a drama queen, histrionic outbursts.



Understanding the Masculine/Feminine

We read: Segments of David Deida‘s book

“It’s A Guy Thing”

and also we mentioned checking out his book

“The Way of The Superior Man”

What Are the Essences of Masculine and Feminine?

  Masculine strength is confidence of your direction in life. In order for a woman to trust a man fully, she must feel his self-confidence and direction. One reason men and women should clarify their masculine energy is so they have a clear vision of their lives and where they want them to go.

If your man is always wishy-washy and never knows what he wants to do, it is difficult to trust him as a life partner. A good partner is a man who is strong in his vision and direction. He also embraces you. He appreciates and honors you not only as a person but as a unique woman, as his cherished connection to the feminine aspect of the universe.


Through nonjudgmental observation, we can discover how we limit our masculine strength of vision and our feminine strength of radiance. By venturing beyond our fears, doubts and uncertainties, men and women continue to grow sexually, emotionally and spiritually

What Do Soap Operas and Sex Movies Have in Common?

 Soap operas and romance novels are women’s pornography. Women disconnect from love when they lose themselves in the drama of emotions, just as men disconnect from love when they lose themselves in genital stimulation.

Many men complain about how difficult it is to communicate with a woman lost in her emotions. Many women complain that their man is too mechanical during sex. Neither soap operas nor sex movies are about love; they are about emotional dramatization and genital stimulation.

Men complain that women don’t communicate very clearly. A man asks his partner, “What are you feeling?” and she can’t answer in three words or less. Men constantly complain that women can’t focus clearly because they are so emotionally dramatic.


...eventually closes down.

A woman wants to feel a connection with her partner. She wants him to understand and validate her emotions. She wants to be felt. She wants to be loved. She wants him to be sensitive to her feelings rather than be so rigid about what she said she would do.

Both men and women demand the other be more like themselves. The message is, “Unless you are more like me, I can’t love you. Unless you stick to your word (or are sensitive to my feelings), I get angry (or hurt).”

A man tends to be in his mind and focused. A woman tends to be in her emotions. In order to give love to one another they must meet in the common ground of the heart: love.


On the other hand, when the feminine is not balanced by the masculine, it becomes addictive. Without masculine self-discipline and direction, you become addicted to chocolate, coffee, relationships, all kinds of things. If you don’t have the masculine edge brought into your life, there is a tendency to flow along, losing yourself in whatever you are involved with. Excessive masculine energy leads to  

abuse of others and the world; excessive feminine energy leads to self abuse.

To men, I often suggest that they learn to enjoy a woman’s emotional fullness and embrace her in love regardless of her mood. The men say, “Embrace her emotions? She seems crazy!”

To women, I often suggest they treat their man as a weary warrior. I suggest that women learn to enjoy their man’s focus and direction because that’s how men are. But invite them out. Attract them into love. Fill their weary hearts with your energy. Your loving energy will loosen his rigid stance. His embrace will penetrate your emotions with love.

[...] —————————————————

So the wounds we have engraved within our dna from everything that has happened to us in this land are keeping our chakras clogged up which prevents the black man and black woman from healing each other through sex. We are the tree of life, everything you’ve ever done or had done to you is stored in the chakras. So most black men have resentment stored in their root chakra from rejection from their moms and dads to women and wives. Same goes for the woman. Women must be de armored. Men use women especially in the black community for temporary selfish reasons. This leaves most black women with womb trauma. Everyone knows trauma has to be dealt with immediately or death may occur. Women are bleeding out in church, wounded and praying for a good husband. He can’t come because he’ll be mistreated because the woman is wounded and damaged. Jesus isn’t healing her. He’s giving the illusion of healing. This pain gets projected to the man. Now you have real black on black crime! This is brutal and traumatic for both Men and women.

Altered carbon is what Christians and other religious ppl are. They are in stasis as an avatar who has no true identity because your whole identity is a false christ. Where does that leave room for who you are? It doesn’t. You are told to become jesus. Not to become who you were created to be.

2/15/18 Revelation

My people perish for lack of knowledge yet the only knowledge we were allowed to have is the knowledge the councils decided to give us. The curse came into existence from Adam and Eve accessing knowledge of good and evil. Yet the very thing they were punished for doing is the very thing that will save us from perishing. THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF THE CONFUSION IN RELIGION.



Full lunar eclipse and new moon in Gemini. To read all about it click the link below:

Mayan astrology for today... 11.29.2020!

The Day 5 Ajpu may be a day when recognizing the divine in the world around you may be challenging. However, hard work is rewarded, and things don’t always get handed to you on a plate! It may be a day to find a higher meaning in your work or everyday tasks.

The energy of the nawal Ajpu often drives us to try to find the higher meaning in things around us. It fuels our quest for the divine in the everyday. Of course, everything is part of the oneness from where it all came, but over time some things have become very separated from that source. We may have many judgements about the world in which we live, many of which will be correct. However, sometimes we may become overwhelmed by these as the mass media bombards us with images of man’s inhumanity and disrespect for the Earth. Sometimes this can lead us to losing sight of the beauty in our world.

Today is a day when this may be particularly hard, however, the energy of nawal Ajpu encourages us to try. This may be a day when finding that goodness, or divinity, in the world around you may help to remind you of the true beauty which can be perceived. You will just need to actively go and seek it rather than expect it to come to you. Ajpu represents the holiness in life, the divinity in the physical world, and our search for it. It is that moment when you look closely at a flower to see the beautiful detail, the moment when you see the magnificence of the landscape you live within, the beauty in your child’s eyes or in the face of your partner. It is the random act of kindness that restores our faith in humanity. It is the search for the underlying meaning in all situations, understanding that each person is a part of the whole. Whether we like it or not, and however we judge it, we are all a part of creation. Our every action, and every action of others gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves and our reaction, whether we are attracted or repelled by the action of others. However, sometimes Ajpu can lead us to become immersed in the other world, to lose sight of reality, it is important to remember to stay in touch with the Heart of the Earth as we reach to the Heart of the Sky.

The Sacred Mayan calendar is often said to be a calendar of human life, and parts of it can be seen as a microcosm of the human body. The number five is one of these parts. It is representative of the hand with it’s five digits. It is with our hands that we work, and with what we earn for that work that we pay our debts. Five is also a number that relates to the sacred fire where we pay our debts with offerings and prayers. Five might be so busy working that it fails to remember what it is working for. It can also signify that what it is attached to becomes work, or is “hard work”.

Ritual for the Gemini full moon Lunar Eclipse

Clever, communicative Gemini makes our conversations merry and bright—and more so under the live-out-loud influence of a full moon in Gemini on November 30. But what about the inner dialogue that you have with yourself? This ritual can help you unearth the rich landscape of your own mental plane. And all you need is a pen and paper.

Automatic Writing: Gemini Full Moon Ritual

For this exercise, you’ll be your own twin, allowing the voice in your head (that’s your intuition we’re talking about) to provide answers to some of your most probing questions. While this might feel strange at first, your inner twin has more to say than you may realize.

Pick a quiet (sans music), comfortable and private place for this exercise, in solitude, if you can. Pour yourself a mug of tea and settle down with your journal and a favorite pen—one that just flows across a page.

Think of a question you really want answered. Nothing is off limits but you might try phrasing your query in an action-based manner. Instead of: “When will I meet The One?” try: “What do I need to manifest true love in my life?”

Explore Your Question

Write the question on a blank sheet of paper and then read it aloud. Place your hand on the page and allow the words to just flow. It’s imperative to release all judgment for this exercise. Trust the process and the answers will start to flow if you let your subconscious take the wheel. You may even write things that seem completely random but will later take on significant meaning.

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