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A NEW PRACTICE FOR BETTER BONDING. Honest moments was the beginning of one of the techniques we teach for twinflames and soulmates . But this can be helpful for anyone on the path to awakening your authentic self. The ability to bond with your higher and lower self also applies to this post . So if your single , not in a tf/sm reunion, no worries we’re not leaving you out!

Now the shadow work has given a deeper dimension of bonding moments. PERMISSION TO BE NEGATIVE WITHOUT BEING JUDGED MOMENTS ARE TRANSFORMATIVE! This is done by holding sacred space with each other or with each part of yourself ( higher and lower self). In this sacred space we will unload all negative things we repress or are ashamed of expressing for fear of being judged, sometimes the way we judge ourselves is worse then the judgement from others . In my experience the critical self talk is worse in my mind thus my reality is molded by the negative self talk. So my perception of the world is negative and focusing on the positive seems impossible. In these moments we must strip down butt naked, be vulnerable and point at the things we perceive as flaws within ourselves instead of trying to hide the flaws. Notice when Adam and Eve BECAME SEPARATE FROM GOD, THEY SELF REALIZED THE REALITY OF THIER BUTT NAKEDEDNESS. THEY BEGAN HIDING THE AREAS OF THEMSELVES THAT ARE THE ORIGIN OF UNION, THE PLACE OF CREATION, THE ROOT AND SACRAL CHAKRA BECAME IMBALANCED! This state of separation from god/goddess hood which is actually separation from our higher selves (GOD)Integration with our higher selves can only be attained when we self realize, be butt naked, without fig leaves and just be honest with ourselves and our spouse if that’s possible. If you don’t have a relationship that allows for this practice, DO IT WITH YOURSELF. It’s no less powerful. It’s actually more powerful than with another person because this will allow you to master self, accept self , flaws and all, as you get to know THYSELF. This will actually allow your soul mate/twinflame to reunite with you. And more important, THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO BOND WITH THE DEPTHS OF YOURSELF.

We know this is hard work, so we’re creating a potion for root chakra healing that will tantalize your senses , awaken the security that comes from the grounding energy of the Great Mother and her daughter Earth aka GAIA. Y’all know what to expect. As physical incarnates of of Isis and Osiris our heart and soul goes into anything we can do to resurrect love which must be done by healing the root chakra First !

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