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Death has been advertised as the ultimate opposite of life leaving many of us fearing death and void of true purpose that extends beyond this present incarnation. In 2005 and 2009 I had a near death experience. This experience altered the way I view death forever. Yes death always causes emotions to stir up especially when the person you lost was dear to

your heart. But I’d like to ask you a question that’ll challenge 3D matrix beliefs centered around death. Did the person who left their body actually leave your life?

The soul is pure energy that cannot be created nor destroyed. Our body is simply the vehicle we chose to use as an interface allowing interaction with matter (spirit in form)! I’ve lost 15 people dear to my soul , many of them had sickle cell anemia others were family members. This is only within the last 18 years. My relationship with death is a ironic one. Some people get stuck in a state of grief when a loved one dies. The 3D program has demonized death to the point of total confusion. Hollywood shows depictions of ways to avoid death that are limitless. We don’t realize why this manipulation is so important to the powers that be. The soul trapping game is an ancient way entities in the unseen realm cause reincarnation that interferes with our free will. This is my current perspective. So here are a few things that may help you choose how you respond to death.

  1. Death is actually an exit from one stage and an entrance to another. To give up our 3D body is liberating us from the limitations of matter

  2. When people suffer physical disease, psychological torment and any form of pain, death can be viewed as freedom from pain, which makes it an alternative form of cure. Being born with a terminal disease challenged me to use life to actually live because any day could suddenly be my last. If I could have control over how my death impacts my loved ones, I’d want them to celebrate the end of physical suffering and the beginning of a new life. So praying , pleading and begging someone to stay in their body of suffering though it’s their time is very selfish because we are uncomfortable with them leaving to the point of ignoring their will to die or live. Often times we’d rather keep our loved ones on this side to comfort ourselves without considering what’s best for them. This lesson was attained from my own suffering and my own experiences with death.

So a few things you can do as an awakened soul to avoid the pitfalls around our conditioning around death. 1. Light a blue candle and be a guide for the souls safe journey into their proper place of existence avoiding the soul trap of forced reincarnation. Speak to them and let your awareness of their existence be celebrated with or without a body. If you feel the need to cry or grieve in your own way, by all means do that. But remember they are aware of you and may be observing the way you react. The more you use your higher consciousness to teach and guide them, the more peaceful things will be.

2. Don’t forget to honor them and the experiences you had together. Sometimes excessive, extended sadness can cause them to be earth bound and also attached to you which could lead to limbo. 3. Make sure you let them know your aware of the continuation of life as you go through the phases of grief. This will allow them to move on without guilt for doing so. Imagine how wonderful it’ll will feel to you to have someone acknowledge you without having to see you win a body. To be forgotten may be worse then the indoctrination of death in the modern world. So talk to them, and let them know you know they aren’t dead in the terms we’ve been trained to believe. 4. Add them to your ancestor altar, give them offerings of things they enjoyed and use this space to exist for sacred communication. It’s okay to ask them for help as well. Death doesn cause us to stop caring for the people we love, they’ll be more then happy to help you in most cases. 5. Be gentle with yourself, patient and loving in a way that makes seeing you on this side as a gift . We all process death differently. In the end death is an inevitable destination that can be used as inspiration to enjoy the life you now live!

A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER! Once the life review is complete – usually between six months to one year, the soul transitions fully into Spirit.  The Spirit is now free to explore, visit, and take on jobs if they want to. This often involves visiting, helping you out with favors and creating positive outcomes in your life. Deceased loved ones will enjoy coming to readings and mention strings they pulled and how they are visiting you. Some deceased loved ones become Spirit Guides for those in your family or others who they can help with their expertise.  Other deceased loved ones have discussed becoming guardian angel figures, to help those who are going through difficult times in their lives. In fact, this is a role for people who had a less than savory history on Earth – to guide others off that very path. Deceased loved ones who were teachers, professors, healers, or caretakers in their earth lives, often choose to continue on this path in The Spiritual Realm.

Then, planning for the next incarnation The ultimate goal of all souls is to have full capacity to experience, give, and receive the unconditional love of the universe. This can take many, many lifetimes, and many, many lessons on Earth Thus, this is most likely not your first life on Earth or as a physical being, and most likely, not the last. Many people have experienced tens to hundreds of lifetimes.  Thus, after your Spirit crosses over, you will, at some point, begin to prepare for the next time you will be on Earth in another physical body. You enter each new life with a group of souls who you knew in the previous lifetime, and they may be friends, family, acquaintances, lovers, parents, or siblings. These souls are individuals who assist you in your spiritual journey, we commonly refer to them as a soulmate or a soul friend. They are members of your soul group. Your loved one may wait on the other side for you to cross over, so you can enter into your next life together, meet each other again, and continue on your journey. Some in Spirit will wait for other loved ones before they fully complete this stage.

Our condolences to anyone who may have recently lost a loved one. May you heal and live a life that makes our ancestors and loved ones that have graduated proud! Deceased loved ones show up in the tarot card readings often. I hope this blog gives comfort and insight around the topic of death (entrance into the after life! )

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