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HOW I LOST 50 pounds without exercising!


I’ve had several people ask me how I lost weight . It wasn’t conventional at all. I used a combination of metaphysics, meditation and lifestyle changes. The days of cardio and miserable diet fads are outdated. As we shift to 4D, the way we accomplished goals in the past will change . And this without a doubt includes weight loss. Im excited to share this with y’all. One thing I want to emphasize before I explain most of the modalities I used, the reason many people gain weight is due to stress and toxic relationships.

Stress and toxic relationships put your body in fight or flight versus rest and digest! Fight or flight increases cortisol and this is usually stored in the abdomen, which is one of the most common places we store fat. So before we get into how to loose weight I must express how important it is to let toxic people go, even if it’s family and friends . I know this is difficult, especially if your living together or in a relationship that has become toxic. One way to do this without moving out, divorce and causing chaos by refusing to participate in family gatherings is by setting boundaries and enforcing them. You don’t have to let them know what your doing and why because more often then not, they will not understand. Once you’ve decided how you can limit toxic situations with them, stuck to your guns. I recommend doing this in stealth mode. Don’t allow your ego to cause you to feel like you must argue your stance or become intolerable to be around , which is a subconscious behavior done to push people away. This is passive aggressiveness and it’s unhealthy . Instead study people like Lisa Romano and Matt Kahn for ways to rise above dysfunction even if you are physically not able to receive yourself. Journal as your way to vent. Let your higher self be your best friend and remain grounded with activities like meditation, self love practices and consuming as much Information as you can to build confidence , heal core wounds as well as yoga. Picking up hobbies that give you joy is very important as you nurture your authentic self. We have a full playlist on YouTube that includes all the modalities mentioned here and more. It’s titled “Relationship/abuse”! The link to

this will be added in case you can’t find it.

Now the juicy tips!

I didn’t share everything because it would turn into a book. However, this is the meat of the plan!

Ok here are my weight loss tips

1. Put a glass of water by the bed every night. Drink it as soon as u wake up . This will speed up your metabolism before you eat your first meal.

2. Buy an outfit the size you wan to be. Keep it where you can see it. This way, you’ll stick to your guns when cravings kick in.

3. Set a reminder in your phone to check your inches, not your weight in a month or so. Write it down.

-Eat a lot of this -

1 cucumbers , watermelon (I did a watermelon fast) it’s on my YouTube Channel “Khamsin” it’s called watermelon detox! Get a ginger root from the grocery store , boil it for 15 minutes , Strain it and add lime juice to it. Ok his will also speed up your metabolism . Try to cut out as much gluten as possible. Gluten and sugar is what makes it hard to loose weight .

In place of sugar I use , monk fruit (Whole Foods ) or swerve, stevia (takes some getting used too) and honey or agave . THROW OUT ALL SUGAR IN THE HOUSE!!!!

Sugar makes the body store fat.

Then at night listen to this :

It even works while your sleep. This will reprogram your subconscious mind to help you loose weight. Read the comments under the video, it’ll inspire you. And in case your wondering , I haven’t had any negative effects from using meditation. Actually they’ll change your life. You need to listen to this for at least 21 days to see results.

4. When you go out to eat , always ask for lemon or lime . Use it to cut the fat in your stomach from the food and also to balance the ph of your digestive system.

5. Last but not least , do the detox kit . It’s based on Dr Sebi’s sister Maxine formulas. I’m a business partner with this guy but instated a customer. It works very well to cleanse your colon .



Here is the playlist for relationship abuse!

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U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
10 ביולי 2020

Wow Ase' congratulations on the weight loss. I never knew you were 'big' lol.


Wow this is amazing and very powerful I never knew and by looking at you couldn't if you were heavy that's funny because I used to be 400 lb and I got myself down to 230 I have to cut out a lot of stuff to like candies fat snacks greasy Foods I didn't fry anything everything I cooked was baked I ate a lot of salad and lots of water with mint in it looking at yours I've been inspired to work out at home again hopefully the gym open back up in 2 weeks. But I need to work with what I got Thank You For inspiration again


24 במרץ 2020

This is such a conformation, I was scrolling on your instagram and saw that picture, and I was like khamsin really transformed, you look so good , I wanted to ask about but I’ve been really focused on the spiritual guidance you share. But obviously this weight loss is just as important to receive or enhance yourself and continue to merge with your higher self,

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