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How to lucid dream is a science not a pseudo science! Dan Winter explains it all here!

Very interesting combination of my fav astrologer, physicist and 5G rebel Sacha Stone. If u don't know these guys it's my honor to introduce them to you 🫶🏽 Lucid dreams, remote viewing and astral projection is a scientific math not pseudo science as some seem to believe🌀

In case someone is Nu to our community here is a brief overview of how I discovered my spiritual abilities such as billocation, astral projection and lucid dreams😴 here are some extraordinary moments I haven't spoken about this year!

After dying 2 times I can say from experience, your memory definitely goes with u🌀 Not only did I remember my life in physical form but I could communicate telepathically with my ancestors including recently deceased relatives. That's was the beginning of my journey into metaphysics. I walked away from religious beliefs passed down to me because the experience gave me the clarity relegion in its exoteric form couldn't give me. I would love to be a lab experiment to see how dying impacted my brain and heart coherence. Now my ability to read the Akashic records has heightened exponentially. My insanity or my unique abilities led to me offering free Akashic record readings in 2017. All clients rated their sessions at 100% accuracy. Trauma programmed me to feel inferior no matter how many beings I assisted so I begin translating my remote vision and lucid dreams into meditations for others to activate their abilities🕉️ We are such amazing beings full of untapped multidimensional potentials. In 2018 I bilocated to Alabama , received a call to pick up my vehicle from a repair shop that I never heard of. That moment took me into a rabbit hole researching why this happened to me. The repair shop called me several times to verify astounded by my denial of ever being there. She described me and my vehicle to a T! No matter how chaotic the world seems one thing is for sure, we are on the ride of ascension cruising the waves of Aquarius ♒️ opening our 3rd eye 🧿 to experience time as radial not linear. This discovery led to me healing ppl in their dreams in a crystal pyramid. Life is an adventure, we are interconnected through galactic frequencies emitting from our dna 🧬 turning on one another, influencing the holographic reality according to the way we perceive reality and the decisions we make which act as anchors in a bandwidth of experiences like switching radio stations! Now more than ever practicing compassion for ourselves can actually break the illusion of suffering allowing us to break the 3D matrix simultaneously creating a bridge of consciousness to higher realms of experience 🕉️ May all beings find those highest bliss establishing 0 point convergence on which our hearts emit light to navigate the Kali Yuga🌀🧿🪬♾️

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For masterclasses and recommendations by Delbert Blair and Bobby Hemmitt as well as Brother Panic check out our Patreon which has lectures, meditations, and Lituals as well as the historical 3 hour Betelgeuse lecture with Dr. Alim Bey ⬇️

If you missed the first astral projection meditation to inner earth for inner child healing check it out here -

Thank y'all from the bottom of our heart for making this Tribe THRIVE🫶🏽

Stay tuned for an important announcement on 3.21.23

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