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How to use egg cleansing and divination!

Eggs have various uses in magic. Even as a Christian I saw this done by my own family . No matter where you are as to how you pray or what you currently believe, this is very useful for someone desiring time be more self aware and spiritual minded. So, without further ado, LET’S GET LITUAL!

They can be used in container spells, for protection and to deliver curses as well as to remove curses.

There are also egg spells for love and egg spells used in black magic (whatever the term may mean to you).

Today I’m going to show you how to remove a curse from yourself or another person using an egg.

The process is known as an egg cleansing, limpia de los huevos (it means eggs cleansing in Spanish) or simply limpia.

Many others know this process as Mexican cleansing ritual or Mexican egg ritual. It’s also widely used in the hoodoo tradition.

It is very easy to perform and you can do it on yourself, another person, even a pet (you may want to avoid the incense in that case though).

I once was called to perform an egg cleansing on someone’s dog.

The dog was very old but was in great health until one day her owner woke up and found it lying there, unable to walk. The vet said it’s just old age, there was nothing he could do and that she would pass soon (she wasn’t eating much either).

While the dog was indeed very old, she had been in great health and very energetic and the symptoms were very sudden and unexpected, which is why the owner suspected that a magical attack directed at her was absorbed by her dog instead.

I performed the egg cleansing and as we headed towards the kitchen right afterward the dog suddenly jumped up and followed us, when 20 minutes earlier she had been completely unable to stand.

When we broke the egg, it had several black spots as well as spots of blood in it.

After the cleansing, I prepared un uncrossing candle and several protection candles for both the dog and her owner, so that they’d have a protective candle continuously burning. The dog lived for 6 more months without any health issues whatsoever, up until the last 24 hours before her death.


A fresh, uncooked egg. Many people prefer to use eggs from a black hen but that’s not necessary. Just make sure it’s fresh and cold. I use organic eggs from the grocery store.

A glass of spring water (bottled is fine).

A cross, rosary or other symbol of faith (doesn’t have to be Christian; use what is a symbol of your faith)

An incense burner and resin (copal or frankincense)

A white candle

(optional) Holy water (either from a church or that you consecrated yourself)


If you have an altar then place the items on the altar and light the candle and incense as usual. If you don’t have an altar you can make

a temporary one by placing a white cloth on a table and laying all the items on it. Then light the white candle and the incense.

Call the deities and spirits you usually work with. Take the egg in your hands. If you have holy water then sprinkle it on the egg and ask the Creator and your helping spirits to bless it so that it vacuums all negative energies, curses, hexes and illnesses from you (or the person you’re going to be performing the cleansing for).

The person is usually standing -preferably in their underwear- or lying down (in the case of a sick person).

Starting from the crown of the head, move the egg over the person’s body in a downward motion while praying from the removal of all negativity, hexes, curses, or the illness you’re trying to remove. If you’re Christian you can use psalm 23 and/or 51. You can also pray in your own words.

Keep moving the egg over your body in a downward motion. The egg shouldn’t be touching the body unless you’re trying to remove a physical symptom or pain. In that case, you will touch only that part of the body with the egg and roll it above any other part of the body. The goal is to cover every area of your body (if you’re doing the cleansing on yourself that is probably impossible, so do the best you can). You can repeat the process several times, always making sure you’re using downward motions. Make sure to cover both the front and back, the hands and palms as well as the groin and the bottoms of the feet.

That’s it, you have done an egg cleansing!

Once you’re done, you need to dispose of the egg properly.

You can break it at a crossroads, asking for the negative energies and/or illness to be taken away from you.

You can also break it in the toilet and flush it away.

In addition to that though, you can use it for divination before disposing of it in one of the ways mentioned above.


This is where the glass of spring water comes in.

After performing the egg cleansing, break the egg inside the glass of spring water and let it sit for 30 minutes.

After that time passes, come back and examine the egg.

Normally (when there was nothing wrong with you and/or there was something minor that the egg removed), the egg should have sunk to the bottom completely and should look perfectly normal.

If it does not, then refer to the list of egg divination meanings below to find out what the most likely scenario is.

NOTE: If egg divination reveals there was actually a curse or magical attack, then follow the egg cleansing with a series of uncrossing baths. You may also need a house cleansing and/or banishing.

Here’s a list of other common things you could see though and how each one is interpreted:

If small bubbles have formed, this is usually a sign that there was some kind of attack or at least some form of negativity, but your protector spirits dealt with it for you.

If the egg white has formed a webbing pattern or mesh, it means there is something entrapping you, holding you back and stopping your progress. You may need to do a full uncrossing and/or road-opening.

If you see something that resembles an eye then it is the sign of the evil eye.

If you see blood on the egg or in the water, it is usually a sign of evil magic used against you.

If the water is murky and has blood spots in it, it is usually a sign of evil magic and bad luck.

If the water is murky but has no blood in it and no bad odor then it may indicate you have experienced soul loss. You need a shaman to retrieve the lost pieces and give you further instructions for healing. Alternatively, it may indicate damage to your energy bodies which will also require the help of a professional to heal.

If there are black spots -especially if combined with blood- then this is an indication of strong evil magic. You need a full uncrossing and may need to consult a professional to fully diagnose the situation and prescribe a solution tailored specifically to what you’re dealing with.

If the water smells bad -especially in combination with blood and/or black spots- then it is an indication of strong evil magic used against you (same advice as above).

If you can see the shape of a face on the egg yolk, this is usually the face of an enemy.

The egg should sink directly to the bottom and stay there. If it floating instead then it is a sign that there is something going on and you will probably need a full uncrossing and/or to consult a professional to look into the situation and prescribe a specific magical treatment.

If the egg is half-sinking and half-floating then it is a sign of a smaller problem or threat that is still in development and is easier to remove.


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If you’re performing the egg cleansing to remove an illness or physical pain, you still need to go to the doctor!

This is not a way to treat health issues and shouldn’t be taken as such.

The interpretations above are about magical work done on the person. While a magical attack may be behind a medical condition, removing the attack doesn’t necessarily mean the condition will fix itself too.

Always consult a medical professional when dealing with physical symptoms of any kind.


Since egg cleansing is a service many professional magicians -not all of them reputable- provide, I should offer a word of caution:

When examining the egg for divination purposes, you will only ever find things that one could naturally find in an egg! That means blood, black spots, maybe a weird shape visible on the yolk and in rare cases a baby chicken embryo. That is what we are expecting to see and that is what we use for divination purposes.

I don’t care how cursed you are, you will never find weird and unexpected things inside an egg such as iron filings, bones from other animals, pins, metals etc.

If you pay someone to perform an egg cleansing on you and they tell you they found anything weird and foreign like that inside your egg and they are asking you for money to remove the curse then they are frauds!

Eggs can easily be pierced and filled with other substances (it’s actually a common use of eggs in magic). Then the hole is sealed and the person will say that the foreign object was found inside the egg and it’s an indication of a strong and very persistent curse that will take an exorbitant amount of money to remove. Don’t pay them to do any more work for you, just walk away!

Repeat the process yourself at home or find another spiritual worker with a positive reputation instead.

Have you ever performed an egg cleansing? What was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know!

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