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Petitioning St. Expedite has always worked well for us. If it seems to be resistance in the form of black around your candle , clear the space with sage or Palo Santo and burn a fresh candle .

Here are some simple step to petition him.

Working with Saint Expedite

Wednesday is the weekday which is most favorable to start working with Saint Expedite.

You need to set up an altar. On the altar you will need a statue or a picture of Saint Expedite, a red candle and a glass of water.

Red is the color of speed. If you do not have a red candle, you can use a green or white candle.

Place these three objects in a triangular formation. Some claim the picture or statue should be placed in the back, the glass of water on the right and the red candle on the left.

Light the candle, say your prayer and clearly state your need. You have to be specific and also set a time frame.

Finally you need to state what you give in return when your request is granted.

We typically use a 7 day candle and do this for 7 consecutive days.

It doesn’t matter if your not Christian, he’s a saint that has aided many people swiftly including my family .

The traditional offerings when your wish is granted are: red roses, pound cake, three nickels or pennies, and a public thank you.

If you omit giving your gratitude offerings back, it is told you may lose what was given to you.

Leave the gratitude offerings on the altar for 24 hours. Finally crumble the pound cake and feed it to the birds. The water is to be given to a tree.

Do not give an offering until you receive what you have petitioned to receive . If it doesn’t happen within 7 days , you can extend it until it does. I have done this for 2 weeks until I received what I requested.

Be sure to post in the comment section here or anywhere else that St. Expedite assisted you , this is also a way to repay him for his help. Back in the day people would run a newspaper ad thanking him but the internet has made it even easier to thank him. I will be thanking him for the most recent petition here by wetting this blog . He came through for us so we offered cake. This is fairly easy and effective .

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