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The April new moon hits today and this sets up the first solar eclipse of 2023, where the moon comes between the Earth and sun. Those in Australia and Indonesia will be able to view a partial eclipse Thursday morning local time, with far western Australia and western Indonesia getting near 90 and 100 percent of the eclipse.

So, what makes this a hybrid eclipse?

Hybrid eclipses only happen a few times in one century. They are a mixture of an annular eclipse and a total eclipse and are completely dependent on the placement of the moon’s two-part shadow and Earth’s curvature.

According to scientist Robert Lea, one of the moon’s shadows, called the penumbra, passes over a part of Earth in front of the sun, and only an annular eclipse is seen. Annular eclipses occur when the sun is still seen as a bright ring around the moon, noted as the “ring of fire.”

But once the moon passes over a different part of Earth where the curvature is different, the moon’s umbra shadow hits Earth, causing a total eclipse, where all the sun will be covered by the moon and only the corona shows, slightly darkening Earth’s surface for some time.

Watching the solar eclipse in November 2013. - © picture alliance

Having both an annular and a total eclipse occur during this eclipse makes this event a hybrid. The last time Earth experienced a hybrid solar eclipse was November 2013 and the next one won’t be until November 2031 over Central America.

2021-2023 based on Mayan calendar predictions with Vedic astrology! SKELETONS ARE COMING OUT THE CLOSET!

According to Mayan Elders during the period of 8-Ahau k’atun (2012 – 2032), scarcity in essential resources (food, fuel, and water) and economic distress will continue to intensify, as natural disasters will accelerate and increase in frequency. This k’atun also states the end of the “word of God.” For the Mayan Elders, this will be a period where there will be a collapse of false belief systems, both sacred (religious) and secular (such as science-based on mechanistic materialism) as a new paradigm begins to emerge. Thus, people will lose confidence in religious leaders and government officials, leading to doubt and distrust of world leadership in providing the necessary solution and guidance during this period of unprecedented global crises.

Western astrology also indicates that we are also in an era of change based on the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index between 2001 and 2022,

However, starting in 2023 the Cyclic Index transitions into an upward phase, indicating a period of rapid economic growth, social and cultural development and general optimism. Most likely, astounding technological progress and spiritual advancement will be the central feature of this decade. In fact, it is even arguable that during this period we can expect the rise of artificial life on Earth with greater-than-human intelligence as we begin to develop the first generation computers that are self-aware with superhuman intelligence – A.I., where large computer networks that become sentient. We can also expect the development of nanotech computer/human interfaces that will give humans superhuman intelligence. Also, we can expect a major breakthrough in alternative energy systems and the full implementation of fusion power to begin to replace diminishing fossil fuel reserves. We can also expect major breakthroughs in the biological sciences that will improve the quality of human life and dramatically extend lifespan with minimal aging. As we approach “technological singularity” by 2030, humanity will be at a turning point by being the first species to be on the verge of taking control of its own evolution. Different types of technology – genetic, robotic, information, and nanotech – will converge and will lead the xhuman enhancement capabilities that will literally change what it means to be human.

Intuitive message for the collective " Lions,Tigers and Bears OH MY GOOD BYE"!

With everything that is taking place. Mars and Gemini. Mars is in. energy of forward movement, which is a very warrior soldier mentality. And Mars also symbolizes war. We have Pluto the planet that usually brings some form of endings and death. Pluto is stationed in Aquarius. Aquarius represents the collective. Aquarius is also mental energy, as we are entering into the solar eclipse of April 2023 coming up very soon. And there is a high chance that war will go to much higher intense levels whether we know it or not, everything is everything. There is a law of one and we are all interconnected. Now I have been sitting here meditating, praying and waiting to receive guidance before I proceed with an intuitive update to help us navigate and understand what is happening. I'm not going to make a prediction, but I am going to share the dream that I had last night on April the 18th. And this dream continued throughout April the 19th. Now in the stream I saw Barack Obama was at a table which kind of reminds me of some of the past meetings they have had with the World Health Organization or any other summits that they go to. There were a lot of other officials and leaders and diplomats there. At least 50 people at this really long table. As I'm standing there, I look down at my hands and I'm like, OK, I'm here, this is me. I'm lucid. What's happening? What am I here to see? And I looked to the left of me and I saw some people that I know who are very interested in politics, and are lawmakers on a smaller scale. So there was an audience, people were really paying close attention to whatever the meeting was about, which was a clue to me that that meeting was very important. I begin to take a few steps to get closer so that I can hear what the meeting is about. And in that moment. I dropped down into water. and as I'm dropping in water, I began to struggle trying to go back up so that I could see what the conversation was about but I couldn't. So since I was continuing to drift to the bottom, I just let go and surrender. Once I surrendered, I started to rise up out of the water, kind of like holding a ball underwater and you let it go and it pops up to the surface. And that's what happened to me. Once I surrendered, I was brought to the surface. When I came to the surface, I did not see what I saw at first, I wasn't in the same place. To my surprise, I saw a huge black bear, floating in the water, it had died. When thinking of the symbolism of a black bear. You can't help but wonder. does this connect to a country that uses a bear as their symbol of power? The ability to go into the four dimensional space to gather information for what's occurring in the third dimensional reality allows us to be a step ahead of what's happening so that we can prepare. As I stated, I will not make a prediction about this dream. I'm only sharing this symbolism. But what I can say that I feel would be helpful is more beneficial for you. If you are swimming in water, if you find yourself in emotional chaotic, treacherous waters know this is those intense emotional highs and lows that we are experiencing now. Sometimes continuing to fight. to be right, continuing to try to prove yourself to people. can be to your detriment. And I know many of us who have discovered the areas where we have been wounded, where we have been mistreated, betrayed, abandoned and lied to navigating. the choppy waters requires a certain skill set. The skill sets that we developed in the 3d. experiences which includes our childhood conditioning, our coping mechanisms and the wounds that have held those coping mechanisms and beliefs in place. What are you struggling with the most? Is it an internal war and conflict or external or both? Asking yourself these questions. allows your Idivine self to communicate and answer with a solution. So spending time in EYE SOUL ATION leads to an eye 🧿 solution. OK. Now, this is a strategy that I have not talked about yet. And this will be in the guidebook I am preparing for people who are on a journey of transmuting their trauma and generational patterns into an beautiful alchemical way of being with yourself in love and compassion. But I want to introduce this to you today because I'm being led to do so, spend some time alone. And I know for some of us that can be difficult depending on what your home environment is like. If that's the case, if the bathroom is somewhere where you can get a little bit of alone time do that, you don't have to get too caught up in where you are just make sure that you take time out to go within. And once you go within yourself, notice the emotions that you are feeling, notice the thoughts that fuel those emotions or follow those emotions. and journal them. Once you have done this, release, the judgment of what you observations show up in you. If we are judging our emotions as good, bad we can't see that there may be a purpose that we have yet to understand. Let go of the black and white thinking because emotions are not good or bad, you don't have to hold on to that belief anymore. They are what they are. Now, these emotions will either either serve your highest potential or not. If you are observing yourself and determining that that particular thought that you're having is not serving you use my hot potato strategy to release it. If it's causing you discomfort, drop it like it's hot, release it and let it go. And yes, as someone who's a recovering codependent, sometimes when you feel you have been hurt or betrayed by someone, it's difficult to let it go because your mind is thinking about the situation over and over and over again. You may be thinking about things like what you should have said, what you didn't say what you're gonna say next time and what decisions do I need to make because of this negative interaction. I get it. This is the ego attempting to create safety. Now, the ego consists of the more childlike ways of perceiving reality. So a lot of times we think that things are personal and about us not realizing that whoever's on the other end of that is going through something too and they may not have the ability to communicate their emotions in a healthy way, which may lead to projection gas lighting, drama, triangles and trauma reenactments. And that's ok because all of us are going through something and it's so easy to forget what someone else is going through when the intensity of what you're experiencing. Um It just drives you into a place of fight or flight freeze or falling. with this eclipse. We are going to be able to see the obvious effects of certain beliefs and patterns as those are coming up practicing releasing judgment, observing and simply allow your inner child to be curious instead of making a judgment. Let me give you an example. With this solar eclipse energy, we can be pretty hotheaded and pretty quick and go from 0 to 60. If this is something that you have noticed in yourself. You wanna take a break, take a belly breath, not chest, belly breath so that you can calm your nervous system, pause and allow yourself to calm down, using your breath. Ask yourself before you speak to yourself. This thing that I want to say or do, does this reflect someone that I am proud of or does this reflect my wounds and the way I develop defensiveness to protect myself from a perceived threat? Remember in the dream, the bear was dead. Ok. So most of us experiencing fear, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Fear can be healthy or unhealthy. But seeing that dead bear allowed me to feel much safer in those waters of uncertainty. I didn't feel like what visually was a threat could actually harm me. So I want you to practice being calm, reminding yourself that you are safe, using your grounding exercises. So you are able to move forward. in a way that makes you proud of you. That way you will not be depending on others in your life to show you that they are proud of you. Yeah, once you begin perceiving your triggers in this way, your inner child is more active in your day to day life because you're being curious, you're asking questions. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Right. So ask these questions, allow your inner child and your ego to participate.

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