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If you hoped your awakening would remove obstacles, “This is for YOU”!

Peace family. Lately I’ve encountered obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. No matter how much I learn, meditate and set intentions, I can’t seem to stop these things from happening. Y’all know how serious I am when it comes to the spiritual healing I ignite in others. However both of my daughters have experienced major contrast and I haven’t been able to keep my schedule set. As much as this frustration makes me want to just quit, my commitment to fulfilling my souls purpose just wont allow it. So let me share what this lesson is currently teaching me.

Obstacles aren’t bullies that show up to ruin your day, even though it seems that way. Obstacles cause us to stop so that we can take inventory of the things in our vortex which were all manifested deliberately or by default. If you’ve been doing your best to rise up to the person you desire to be, then you must know that everything that’s happening isn’t happening to you but for you. You have queued up all sorts of situations that will attract your focus to the things that matter the most in that moment. Learning how to adapt to the ever changing flow of life has always been something I’d like to master. If your reading this nine times out of ten, this is true for you as well!

So how does the universe laws give us what we desire ? Test are given to show you what your made of in the now moment. How would you know what your made of unless you had a challenge? You wouldn’t know, you‘d be making decisions as if you were the person you were prior to the test. If this sounds a bit like a riddle, let me give an example. If you’ve done 100 meditations for abundance and you haven’t checked your bank account in a month for few of the lack of money you’ll find, you could be missing out on the very thing you’ve attracted. Finally your car breaks down, or your kids sustain a medical bill that desperately needs to be paid to see a doctor. The strong need for resources will propel you to check in every nook and cranny for money. So you go to the atm, not really sure of what you’ll find but you’ve been motivated by this situation to have enough faith to at least try. Low and behold, a check you wasn’t expecting posted to your account for more then what you presently need. The most interesting part of this is the date.... it’s been there for weeks.

This is what happens when you allow your obstacles the gift of showing you the value of who you are in comparison to the value of who you were. It would be nice to scale every obstacle that shows up but it’s not likely. Some obstacles will take some practice to overcome, others you’ll be able to scale easily if you remain open hearted and receptive. Life is here to give you what you desire even if that means the gift won’t be wrapped in a pretty package. If trash to someone can be another man’s treasure , then the trash in your life can be a treasure if you simply switch your perspective of it. There’s always something in the rubble that can be used to benefit someone. Sometimes the ashes is exactly what was needed to give you the fresh start you deserve.

So here is a practice to help you perceive obstacles as simply paths to what you want to manifest. When something happens out of your control, remind yourself that something great is always unfolding as long as you are alive . Breath in your body is proof that Source hasn’t forgotten about the things you’ve queued up in your heart. You really are a co-creator, you really are important, you really do have a spiritual purpose in being here at this time. You really are worthy of having and being the things you desire!

Now hold on to the feeling that rampage of reminders is given you. Now from this place deliberately set intentions that are in alignment with what you desire . When your desire matches the vibration your currently feeling an unfolding happens that comes in symbols, numbers and situations specifically reminding you how close you are to receiving the things you desire! This is a point of attraction you deliberately created by being intentional and using divine timing to amplify the reception to RECEIVE what you desire. Practice being a vibrational match of the things you are co-creating. Then just allow the Cosmic Mother and Mother Earth to do what they do best....Create with you in mind.

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U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
Jul 17, 2020

Well said and well wrote. Embracing the obstacles and pulling the little lessons out of each of them.


Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Jun 25, 2020

Good read Thank you, I'm going thru uncertainty right now with my living arrangements but Spirit wont allow me to give up🖤

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