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Ladies is your cycle in sync with the full moon (red) or new moon (white)?

Your menstrual cycle is a very sacred sacrifice of blood and what could’ve been babies to go back into the cycle of life. For many years I had no consciousness of this sacred cycle nor did I enjoy my period. I was actually to subconsciously hate my body and it’s natural cycle . I had terrible cramps my whole life which made me feel supported in my hatred towards this sacred time. I was told that the Bible taught the connection between Eve and the curse which is what created a time of bleeding for women. As I became more religious minded I began hating Eve this hating a part of myself. When my spiritual awakening kicked up a notch I began studying the apocryphal and the Old Testament, so we became devout Hebrew Israelites. My cycle was a time I couldn’t fellowship and I’m not going into the scriptures that supported this because it’s mind control to inhibit the goddess current (shakti) the feminine life force energy which is currently anchoring on this planet . So after hatred , suppression and lack of innerstanding of my own body I have learn to appreciate my temple in so many empowering ways.

Ways to celebrate your cycle

Yes I still have cramps sometimes and yes I turn into a hormonal monster occasionally PMS-ING in my own way but this isn’t a time to hate and disconnect from my body , this is a time to celebrate her changes and her cycles of life and death . I use a tantric tea which you can order from called tantra feminine tea. This tea contains herbs and spices that support a healthy hormonal balance and help to heal as well! You can go to the website to learn more . We have a couple code as well ( melanin9) which can be used to take 10% off the price . I drink this twice a day with a little honey added to sweeten , I make this a full tea ceremony to celebrate my feminine goddess self. Sip and meditate on what you love about being a woman making sure you use a few affirmations to enhance the benefits of the herbs and spices in your cup.


During my moon time I like to draw, paint , write poetry and make potions . Remember you are shedding blood and babies that could’ve come into this world so this is a sacrifice from your temple that you can dedicate to bringing something into the material world. This is therapeutic and healing to the sacral chakra which I have been talking about a lot lately . I actually have a new sacral chakra potion that was inspired by the goddesses I embody, it’s smell is delicate, delicious and sensual ! I will be writing a separate blog about this potion later, but for now find something you can birth into this world. You don’t have to be the best artist or poet , it’s about being in tune as you allow your temple expression of your essence to manifest. Art is a very spiritual practice and healing for those on the path of awakening. One thing I enjoy is using a small anoint of blood to paint with . By doing this I am communicating how sacred my sacred juices are as I demonstrate my detachment from believing blood is cursed , evil and bad. Sacred art during your moon time is really special and this will enhance whatever soul work you’ve been doing. Be free and creative , let the blood from your body be a part of your life in any way you choose. I’m just give one way I use my blood.

Now let’s talk about getting in sync with the moon. I have been intentionally speaking to the moon and allowing my body to get in stand by simply visualizing myself in sync with the image of the new moon or full moon as a back drop with me as the centerpiece, sitting under a tree enjoying my body and existence. Within the week I could feel my body getting in sync typically sensing my moon time a week before it began. I could feel the shedding of my uterus beginning and I’d check the calendar to see what next moon phase was approaching. Mastering this practice took me 6 months. Now I can switch from a new moon cycle to a full moon cycle with awareness, intent and tuning into my body daily with practices like body scanning meditations and visualizing as well as yoga. The chart I’m going to share will show you what to expect from a new moon synced cycle (white) or a full moon synced cycle (red)! On December 21st 2020 my cycle started , then each major portal day all of 2020 my cycle would begin. Setting intentions to switch from one moon to another means you will come on earlier then usual or later so keep this in mind before beginning this practice of being in tune with your body in a deeper way. On the full moon March 28th 2021 I switched from a consistent new moon syncing to full moon syncing. So naturally I knew it was time to write this blog.

I eat dark chocolate just cause it’s healthy , delicious and I deserve delectable things in life!

Another think I’m sure to do is rest and I won’t ignore what my body is telling me to do. So be sure you mold your self care practices around your cycle as well!

Hating anything that comes from within your body will tell the universe to send you more things to hate about yourself. Loving the cycles manifesting in your body , embracing life and death will tell the universe , I am at peace and abundant. I respect the cycles of life and I can flow with them!


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