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Let go of the superficial to make room for the SUPERNATURAL. February 13, 2020

Being woke hurts sometimes.

The process of repair requires trauma. Let me explain. The damages done to a tooth from eating sugary foods eventually becomes a problem. You know the issue and you know the only way to deal with it, is by going to the dentist. Going to the dentist means examining the tooth. The exam hurts like hell, but resisting the dentist won’t do any good, so you SURRENDER TO THE PAIN REMINDING YOURSELF THE PAIN IS NECESSARY FOR HEALING TO HAPPEN! We’re being CROSSED EXAMINED BY OUR HIGHER SELVES, so we can sort through the decay and release what no longer serves us. When you're triggered, this a sore spot that probably has the most decay. So the trigger can be used as a diagnosis, teaching you what needs your attention. If you ignore the pain and use your coping mechanisms, you're telling your higher self THAT YOU AREN’T READY! This is usually the stage when you find a mantra or ritual to do. RITUALS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR HEALING PROCESS! They can assist you on your journey, but if you are doing rituals WHILE IGNORING CORE WOUNDS, eventually it will set up infection and fester! MANY OF US HAVE ACTIVE INFECTIONS THAT NEED OUR ATTENTION. Our fiery attitudes and quick tempers are the fevers that’s present, so we can tend to the root of the problem. Being WOKE became trendy. Now that we’ve jumped into this “I wanna be my higher self “ and “I wanna live my best life, we’re having to eat those words. DO U REALLY WANT TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE? WHAT ARE YOU READY TO FACE? HOW WILL YOU TREAT THE WOUNDS?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves everyday until we’ve left our old coping mechanisms behind. Now as you deal with the issue, there are modalities that can help lessen the pain.

Here is a list of things I believe assist us in this stage of awakening.

1. BELIEF IN YOUR SPIRITUAL SUPPORT TEAM. Eventually this belief will become a knowing, but let’s start at phase 1. This means resisting the urge to doubt your ancestors, your deities and angels. This also means being more connected to your soul tribe. Some of us need to take our connections to actually talking to one another on the phone, or private email correspondence. We can talk to each other about things we can’t talk about with our present circle!

2. Use herbs and supplements to assist your body in the energetic shift this path requires. This also includes your diet. Eat things that support the areas you know have deficiencies. Supplements can get expensive, but start simple and work your way up. This means building up your immune system. If you can’t afford to eat better, find videos of people eating healthy on a budget. Yes it may mean eating kale and lettuce wraps for a few days but honestly, a lot of us need to fast anyway. So maybe fasting for you, is the best way to boost your immunity.

3. Drink plenty of H2O. Okay, let me get a little metaphysical here. We know the physical benefits of water, but do you know what deities connect to water? Well water is mater. (matter) Mater is mother. So, this element can actually help you re-mother your inner child. Everything is energy. When you take within your temple a substance that cleanses and nurtures, that is a mother energy. Most of us have mother wounds to tend to! Also for those of you curious about Yemaya; which is my matron and Oya, which is a large part of my energetic makeup, here are a few things to know. Yemaya's energy heals the emotional body. She is the protector of women and children, allowing a sacred space to be present as you heal mother wounds by allowing her to re-parent you. Remember you may be good and grown, but you are a child in the early phases of self realization (awakening)! And we all need protection! Now a interesting fact, Oya means wind of change, Khamsin is an Egyptian wind, so I am a mix of Oya as well! Yes, it is also my birth name. You’ll always find synchronicities with deities once you do some research. That’s how you realize your own energetic make up. That's another topic for another time. Back to Oya. She assists us by changing things in our lives and within our beings, to allow the new beginnings after the old has been blown away. The air element also represents the mental. So, these changes will aid you in your mental health. Not only will the wind (air, mental,oxygen ) heal your mental health but the increase in oxygen will allow you to sustain higher frequencies. It will also aid your transformation on a cellular level, remember (oxygen) breath is the substance of God (Source) the Creator. We became alive when the breath entered into our temple. This is the reason breathing exercises are important for those awakening!

4. Meditation and deep breathing is necessary. This isn’t an option! If visualization is difficult, use music to meditate or use mindful practices. There are a bunch of channels that teach different types of meditation. Do a search on YouTube and Pinterest in your browser. You may benefit from tai chi, which is a form of meditation as well. Yoga is also a form of meditation.

5. Last but definitely not least, feed your inner child with fun activities. If you have children like us, playing with them is a great way to tap into your inner child. Everything is energy, which means all things can benefit us IF WE FEED THEM! The laws of the universe or laws of Hermetics will give a deeper insight on why the things we feed will be the dominant presences in our lives!

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