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Love and relationships are shifting as we shift! Awakening has a price... its called sacrifice!

Love and relationships are shifting as the awakening kicks us in a higher gear! I can’t tell you how many of my clients have realized its time for a change. Here are some things I’d like to point out.

If your relationship is toxic and you choose to stay, your higher self will not be able to communicate to you as much as he or she could if you were in a peaceful relationship. Your Higher Self will not abandon you but integrating those aspects will be very difficult if you’re in a toxic relationship. If you are single, that’s great for you because soul mates and twin flames are being released from relationships to find the counterpart that matches their vibration! There will be more single people who may have been married or in long relationships before this, who are now ready for something better. Just make sure you’re doing what it takes to be the best you that you can be. Also as we are being released from soul contracts, and I think it’s important that I express why. Well if your timeline has changed according to the person you are getting to know (authentic self), then your spouse may not be ready to shift to 4D 5D. So you’ll have 2 people living in two different worlds that really is the same world from a higher perspective! These two pepole were perfect for each other, but maybe you were a vibrational match AT THAT TIME, BUT NOW YOU KNOW THEY ARE NO LONGER A VIBRATIONAL MATCH!

If this resonates with you, here are a few tips!

1. Make the decision with plenty of spirit guides, ancestors and help with tools like pendulums. Ask your ancestors what should you do? Throw down 4 pennies at the altar. If 3 come up saying, GO IT’S TIME TO MAKE A PLAN! If you get 2, that means STAY BUT BE CONSCIOUS OF HOW YOU FEEL AND ALWAYS HONOR AND LOVE YOU FIRST! So if all the pennies are on heads, and heads is your yes, then you got a huge yes from your ancestors. If it’s all tails, that usually a hell naw! Lol! If your unsure of how to use the 4 coins, there are great vids on youtube covering this in depth. 2. If you’re going to try to make it work, make this transition as smooth as possible. Coexist until the quarantine is over. Then ease your money up and plan to make your move when the alignment is right. If you feel like this is being sneaky.... it's not. It’s called being prepared for whatever at all times!

3. If you are desiring your DM or DF, work on yourself like you‘re a masterpiece. The time it takes to master self and heal core wounds is time invested into stock that’s gonna always rock your socks off! Imagine how falling in love with yourself will cause you to shut down anyone that ain’t right because you value yourself above all others! I know this sounds new but we should all be feeling ourselves, figuratively and literally. While masturbating, I’d visualize how my husband would make me laugh and make me feel, I would hold on to that feeling until I had an orgasm. Sex magic alone is just as fantastic as sex magic with someone else! So get to finding new pleasures. The more you give to yourself, the better quality man or woman will be drawn to you. You’ll become electric if you‘re a man and magnetic if you‘re a woman. Splash on some ylang ylang ladies, just to make u fall in love with yourself. And use attraction oil when you‘re ready for some dates. This might be the best time to have FaceTime-ish dates. Be free, have funyour home and safe, so you can really get to know a person right now !

As you know, I love to talk! I’m going to end it here but I’d love to hear what y’all think about this blog ❣️



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U'AL Yahu
U'AL Yahu
Jul 14, 2020

Real love is always great especially when you love and take care of yourself. I am learning which foods are great for my body. So there will be 'out with the old and in with the new' for food transformation.


You two do look good together!#Inspiration😁


Melody Binford
Melody Binford
Apr 27, 2020

@ khamsin What is ylang I'm new here and I've never heard that before. So I'm curious


Apr 16, 2020

Thank you my sister and brotha this is another confirmation for me , I love y’all and I’m sending love your way

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