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Healing our wounds

From the womb to the tomb

On this night of the new moon!


By the power of the septarian

Our root and solar plexus is clear

Positivity in thoughts and actions is our natural state just as water is clear !

Bringing together all star seeds manifesting thoughts and ideas channeled from higher dimensions

May this stone support us in cycles and changes as we enter deeper into our ascension .

May all external influences and those within no longer hinder our collaborative dreams

Protection abound as we bring into this world higher frequencies and energies unseen

Sahu Sekhmet Sahu

Rainbow obsidian , we invite healing of deep emotional wounds and grounding of spiritual light .

Fire ignite , light burning away strife , fear and plight

We bury the wounds from our mothers to be transmuted like base metal to gold

Deep into our unconscious, we honor the healing power of the dark which we behold

To lighten the weight of Gaia as we lighten the weight of our own heart

May mental and emotional imbalances surrender to our souls essence which is pure of lower vibrational expressions

Healing is our birth right , this day we soothe ourselves of depression , repression and unhealthy bonds

For we acknowledge the intention of life’s difficult lessons

I Breathe deep the energy of rainbow obsidian

Sending mental enslavement away we are no longer existing in oblivion

Sahu Sekhmet Sahu

May sweet grass connect us more deeply with our spirit guides assigned to us to help with awakening

move with us now for time is nigh

higher consciousness, void of forsaking

In this present moment we align with

grounding of The great Mother

Stablized even as daughter earth is quakes and shaking

Sahu Sekhmet Sahu

May the angel phantom quartz extend the vision of our 3rd eye

Open our crown to receive light code activations , keeping our vibration high

Relieve fear , stress , worry , guilt and shame

May our connection to our angels become simple and plain

For we have not suffered in vain

Amplify the vibration of peace and calm

As the world goes to war

May we anchor love and peace

We are not the least bit alarmed

We are the manifestation of Christ

Prophesied in the book of Pslams

Standing together arm to arm protected from all harm

Sahu Sekhmet Sahu

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EarnKham, , appreciate the love and the comment back. Means a lot. ♥️:) But I must say.... this is some bull shit and you know all know it!!! None of this feels like anyone loves me... No one should have to be shown what I’ve been shown, remember what I remember, go through that child molester HELL that we call the beast, and then have to continue acting like I’m a human being ... like I’m normal inside.... no one should have to pretend to be regular just for money every day..... have to pretend to love people that didn’t receive love themselves ( when they probably deserve the karma they received anyways), and not be able to give mysel…


NaGa Rah 13Bluray
NaGa Rah 13Bluray
19 Ağu 2020

Tht is my chant in playing in the background I like listening to that song is soothing I definitely will be doing this ritual tonight


19 Ağu 2020

Riley , I have been suicidal and wanted to die. I tried 2 times and it wasn’t successful. After being in the hospital a week, I ended up getting therapy with a friend who was a life coach. She was such a blessing to me. I petition for your healing spirit guides and ancestors to fully support you as you go through the difficulties we all experiencing . If you want to take your life , then we all free will, but you may be sent back to earth to redo life until you learn this lesson and complete the mission your soul agreed to fulfill. So ultimately the choice is yours and you have the power to experiment Wit…


I want out.... out of this... somebody please fucking kill me. Please.... I want out. I hate myself. I hate this lesson.... hate my situation ..... My entire existence is based on shame guilt and obligation ...... I seriously am dying inside and not one person gives a fuck about it. How can you take everything from someone and expect them to function? Expect them to be self sacrificial and be light ..... Keep your foot on the serpents neck right? My galactic crimes warrant all this right? How’s this for some insight into what Jesus really feels like..... ? I want out.


My question (s) is how many mother fuckers are actually thankful after that fucked up shit you put us through.... how fucking sick is this little spiritual school? Yeah thanks for the lesson! And the family I’m incapable of taking care of! I swear to go lad someone is gonna get fucked up one day for that shit.... all of it. I hate this. Black sun love. Cheers to the evolution ;)

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