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Updated: Mar 8

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo gabbro is a mineral stone found in Madagascar that has been recently discovered to have EMF protection properties. The stone has the ability to absorb and neutralize harmful radio frequencies, as well as electric and magnetic field radiation.

You can put a piece of this stone next to your Wi-Fi router or can even sleep with a piece next to your bedside table. It will assist you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Also known as “Merlinite”


Place it under your pillows to product your pineal gland while you sleep!

Keep it on your person, in a wallet, pocket, purse or mojo bag!

Place it in your vehicle especially if you have WIFI in your vehicle!

Place it bear your WIFI router to decrease the EMF’s it may be releasing inside your home!

If your child goes to school where 5G has been installed, you can place one in their backpack as well!

These are just a few uses for this powerful amazing crystal! This crystal is highly coveted among the conscious community and has been used by energy healers , Reiki practitioners and more! All of the research we‘ve done was left us highly amazed at how this seems to be a secret that was waiting to be discovered in a time like this where we need them! Yes there are many others like shungite , smoky quartz, black tourmaline and aventurine. However this stone shows itself to be exactly what it is in the video we’ve posted on IG and TIKTOK!

So check out the product page for the new products that are a part of the “ DARK CRYSTAL COLLECTION “! They are on sale for a limited time. So grab yours before they run out. These rare stones aren’t easy to come by since there are many fakes and misidentified crystals being sold to unaware customers. That’s why we were overjoyed to have finally found the real deal! Protect your aura!


Grab yours with this link ⬇️

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