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Let's Get Erotic was created for those who want to harness the sexual energy for the purpose of healing, creating stronger bonds to amplify the frequency of love!

As our kundalini is awakening it is ideal to tap into this ancient creative force harnessing the very essence of creation. In our spiritual journey we have come to realize the sexual energy on this planet has been gravely exploited, demonized and repressed. Repressed sexual energy leads to illness, inability to cultivate intimacy and depression. To reclaim sexual sovereignty we must work with this energy allowing its sacred essence to bath us in the frequency of love while assisting the rise of kundalini energy.

I will list the metaphysical benefits of this bath salt below along with spell ideas you can use. Of course I will be creating new ways to use this bath salt along the way. Stay tapped in because very soon we will be sharing personal experiences and creating a full lecture which will include a litual to activate your sexual sovereignty, heal trauma as well as disconnecting you from the detrimental effects of conditioning and relegion's indoctrination!

Jasmine and Rose based bath salt.

Jasmine is considered one of the most powerful flowers used in spell work and magic. The word Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘yasmin’, meaning gift from God. The national flower of Pakistan, this fragrant blossom is known for its bright white petals. The sensuous scent of the Jasmine flower is highly recognizable and very popular among perfumers. There are many ways to incorporate Jasmine into your rituals and spells.

Harnessing the Power of Jasmine

The flower of attraction is a common element in promoting spiritual love and desire. Jasmine’s heady fragrance evokes feelings of passion and is the perfect accompaniment in a love-drawing spell. Its calming and sensuous properties affect the mind, stirring sensuality and opening partners up to the divine beauty all around.

Litual bath with "Let's Get Erotic"!

If you are trying to get someone that you love to love you back, a ritual bath can help. The Jasmine flower is one of the most aphrodisiacal essences on earth and bathing in its petals will make you smell irresistible. Prepare your ritual bath by gathering the items you will need including the "Let's Get Erotic Bath Salt”, rose quartz and candles in the color of pink for love or white which is good to attract anything, as it is the best candle for any type of candle magick.

Fill your tub with water light the candle and concentrate on the beautiful glow of its flame. Soak in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes, envisioning a romantic encounter between you and the one you desire. After you have finished bathing, do not towel dry. Allow yourself time to air dry, ensuring that the powerful aroma remains on you for the entire day.

Jasmine metaphysical benefits

The pungent smell of the Jasmine flower is a perfect tool to use in rituals involving prophecy and predictions. Spiritual workers and root doctors rely on the scent to enhance their relaxation and improve the clarity of their visions. Jasmine incense can often be smelled during a tarot card reading or dream interpretation ceremony.

The Jasmine flower is a complex and mysterious blossom. Its fragrance and beauty evoke passion, beauty and clarity in those who work with it. Respect the power of this compelling flower and it will assist you in attracting the positive energy and love that you desire.

Rose metaphysical benefits

Roses are a metaphor for the human heart. No flower represents love more vividly. Perhaps nothing does. Roses are sacred to the most powerful spirits of love: Aphrodite, Juno, Isis, Kybele, Maitresse Ezili, and Maria Padilha. Oshun loves yellow roses.

Cleopatra, the living embodiment of Aphrodite and Isis, seduced Marc Anthony in a scented bedroom, packed knee-deep with rose petals.

This scent is generally worn as a perfume to attract love. Often the dried flowers are added to success formulas. This flower is always a good choice to adorn your love altar. Keep the flowers fresh and change them every Friday.

A little-known fact is that roses are a systemic nervine – translation: they calm and soothe your nerves. Whatever you need – calm, balance, stimulation, an aphrodisiac, cooling off after an argument.

Roses are not only useful for loves spells; they can raise divinatory energies, unveil mysteries, provide protection and aid in matters of truth and things of beauty. Rose is connected to Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of mystery and magical knowledge, as well as love and beauty. In fact, the Egyptian hieroglyph for Rose resembles a doorway, as if to express it as a portal to information and deeper knowledge.

Add a couple drops of rose oil to bath water for an uplifting, stress relieving bath that can help lessen feelings of depression. Or if you purchase the "Let's get erotic "bath salt you can simply add a palm sized amount to enjoy all of these wonderful benefits!

Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt is also known as ‘Pink Halite’ and yes, it is a form of (edible) crystal. It has many metaphysical properties and benefits.

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt has very similar properties to Rose Quartz and is an excellent crystal for love especially self-love. It not only helps one to experience self-love, but also, to take action and do things that self-love implies, for example; finding sense of purpose, to live a healthier lifestyle, learning to say ‘no’, or to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.

For centuries pure salt has been used for protection; protection from evil, especially protection in and around the home. Salt is also used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity in many magical and traditional rituals. Pure Salts are also used to release attachments, including emotional attachments. This salt is great for removing negative energy, grounding and inviting protection for your spiritual journey!

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