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Nu Moon 🌚 in ♓️ Pisces energy update 🍄🧿

Symbolically, the new moon represents a kind of blank slate and a fresh start for each month. It’s important to approach these few days with conscious attention, because they will influence the rest of the month for you. During this time, you’re likely more open to healing and restoring your self-belief. Now is the time to set new intentions for the coming month, especially around uplifting your sense of wonder and beauty in the world. You may also be feeling more trusting - it could seem like everything will work out the way it’s meant to.

This feeling may prompt you to let go of control and to have faith that everything is in alignment. This is a great time to remember the magic in your life by reflecting on the past, seeing it as a reminder that everything is as it “should be” in this moment.

If you can let go of trying to know all of the details, and release your expectations, you can allow the universe to surprise you in wonderful ways.

This can be less of a time for accomplishing things, and more of a time for reflecting and imagining. Ideally, you can learn how to release the need to have everything figured out and you can allow life to unfold organically. Being in a state of flow means surrendering to the belief that things are unfolding behind the scenes - and they will be revealed in time. If you’re someone who likes to rush through life, this is a time to pause and take in the sights. If you’re able to reflect, you’ll be more likely to share how you feel with those around you.

At this time you may find it difficult to complete to do list. That's ok as long as you're prioritizing the main task the less important ones can wait. Be sure to ground yourself and connect to the positive feelings you feel during your daily litual rituals. This is a great time to find your artistic voice and style. Try to share your inner world through an art form or other form of creative expression. For example, you may find a new love for storytelling, poetry, photography, or dance.

As long as your creative endeavors are authentic and true to you, they’re valid. Additionally, during this time you may recognize your natural talents and see how you can take them to the next level. Many people have talents that just lie dormant until they’re ready to activate and express them. The moment you use your imagination and see your potential is the moment that your ordinary life can become art.

The moment you use your imagination and see your potential is the moment that your ordinary life can become art.

Shadow work during the Nu moon is a perfect combo to get fast results. Here are some questions to reflect on:

In what ways do I criticize my creative expression?

How confident do I feel to share my creative potential with those around me?

Inspired by The Pattern!

The New Moon 20 February 2023 is at 1º Pisces Decan 1 Aspect: Conjunct Saturn. Fixed Star: Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horses nose. Tarot Card: 8 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Chrysocolla with Malachite.

The combination of Chrysocolla and Malachite has many healing properties and the ability to bring a deep emotional healing into our lives. Each one of these free shapes will be unique in their coloring as well as their shape. Beaming with incredible vibrations.

Chrysocolla (hydrated copper silicate) is a mineral, or more correctly classified as a mineraloid. It is of secondary origin and forms in the oxidation zones of copper ore bodies. Associated minerals are quartz, limonite, azurite, malachite, cuprites, and other secondary copper minerals.

Chrysocolla has an attractive blue-green color and is a minor ore of copper. It is typically found as glassy botryoidal or rounded masses and crusts, or vein fillings. Because of its light color, it is sometimes confused with turquoise. The name comes from the Greek chrysos, "gold", and kolla, "glue", in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold, and was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BC.

Malachite (Copper Carbonate Hydroxide) is a famous and very popular semi-precious stone. It is named for the Greek word for "mallow", a green herb. Its banded light and dark green designs are like no other, and give it a unique appearance unlike that of any other stone. The light and dark green bands are so distinctive that malachite maybe one of the most easily recognized minerals in the world.

Many beautiful specimens of malachite contain special combinations with other minerals. Such combinations are some of the most colorful mineral assortments in the mineral world. They include such stunningly colorful minerals as dark blue azurite, sparkling black mottramite, blue chrysocolla, or rusty red limonite. So common is malachite that it is associated with almost every secondary copper mineral whether they are carbonate minerals or not. Authentic crystals from South Africa. You can add this to your collection in the recommended section below.

More astronomical astrological power of this Nu moon " 3rd eye moon"!

There is also a sense of prophecy too with the Moon in this decan. So at this New moon we are able to access other timelines and weave together elements from the past with those of the future.

We will find it easy to form a deep connection to our childhood and there will be a love of nostalgia. This childlike wonder will work very well creatively. At this new moon we will find magic and wonder in nature, while the designers among us are able to pull out geometric shapes and styles from what they see around them. The surrealist mindset speaks in symbols and plays with nature. Lunar creatures like wolves, deer and owls may be important totem creatures at this time and will speak to us symbolically in our dreams. Watch for synchronicities with these creatures if they appear in real life also.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of cups “Much inner and outer work needs to be done. You might feel the need to withdraw from the rat race to focus on what is of true worth and to hear your inner voice. The Eight of Cups does not imply that your Personal Journey will be easy as many superficial and shallow layers will have to be peeled away before you will find your Personal Truth and Spiritual Core.” ~ teachmetarot .

It is clear that this decan does not focus on the rat race of the business world, and rejects material gain.

3rd eye activation using imagination will be more easily achieved during this time.

These include taking a leap of faith, accepting imperfections in ourselves and in others as a different kind of “perfection,” starting a project that requires imagination and visualization skills, consciously putting time aside for peaceful and rejuvenating activities, and sharing a dream with another.

With this potent Pisces energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives.

The major bodies are all direct, contributing to a feeling of moving forward. This New Moon is separating from an alignment with Saturn, suggesting a sense that we have our responsibilities in mind, but that we’re also picking up steam in the faith or inspiration department. Venus is at the very end of the sign of Pisces–it will enter Aries within minutes after the New Moon–suggesting an ending in the social or financial department could power or drive our new beginnings. Learn how this effects you more at this link👇🏾New Moon on February 20, 2023 | Cafe Astrology .com

🧿 Karmically this decan signifies turning your back on old behaviour patterns where you have stayed too long in a situation or relationship that was unfulfilling. This lifetime is a wakeup call, and you may have one very draining partner, with whom you suffered so much that you decide once and for all, ‘never again!’.

Cord cutting is extremely important for removing etheric cords , soul ties and maybe that person that keeps popping up in your mind that's no good for you! I'll add that below in Nu moon recommendations ⬇️

Click here for the Cord cutting litual -

Grab your rare Malachite Chrysocolla ⬇️

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