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Items needed ( optional )

Bay leaf, glass of water (mason jar) or ballon to fill with water, sea salt or Himalayan salt, long lighter and cauldron. Small balloon can be used to be filled with water. But the mason jar can be used as well! Bring your clear intentions!

Note: You will want to crack a window due to the smoke this causes. Or you can do this outside. The fumes will take your manifestation to the ethers to be received!

This spell performed as a group will amplify the powers of manifestation, release pessimism and disruption in our homes and bodily temples as well as aid us with our journey for the tough days ahead in this underworld energy in which the old system is passing away to give space to the new !

Astrological alignment!

The first few weeks of October make up the bulk of Libra season 2021, which has us focused on building stronger interpersonal connections, bringing harmony to our partnerships, and finding balance amidst the seasonal changes. Action planet Mars and mental planet Mercuryare also in Libra for most of the month, which amplifies the diplomatic and communication-oriented vibe. However, thanks to Mercury retrograde fall 2021 (which lasts through Oct. 18), we may have to navigate some mixed signals and social snags. Be sure to take some Mercury retrograde precautions.

On Oct. 6, Libra’s airy energy is coming to a climax with the October 2021 new moon(which happens to be the first new moon of fall). During this lunation, the sun, moon, Mercury, and Mars will all be clustered together in Libra — offering us an empowered fresh start when it comes to pursuing romance, strengthening partnerships, and finding peace within ourselves. With feisty Mars in the new moon mix, this is a great time for setting intentions and being bold about chasing your goals.

Getting Lucky In Love With Venus In Sagittarius

On Oct. 7, love and beauty planet Venus is leaving sultry Scorpio and entering the free-spirited realm of Sagittarius, where it’ll stay for the remainder of the month. When Venus is in Sagittarius, all zodiac signs have a tendency to feel more open-minded and optimistic about love and values, so this is a fabulous transit for broadening your romantic horizons and seeking new experiences in relationships. Because Sagittarius is ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, Venus’ journey here inspires us to take some risks and be a little more adventurous with everything from our personal style to dating. Spice up your life by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something exciting.

Retrograde Season Coming To An End

If the first week of October feels like trudging through a pit of quicksand, you can blame the planets — because we’re kicking off the month at the height of retrograde season 2021. With a whopping six planetary backspins in full swing simultaneously (including the final Mercury retrograde of the year), it may feel difficult to move forward on our plans or get a clear picture of our future.

However, we’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief on Oct. 6, as Pluto retrograde ends on the same day as the auspicious new moon in Libra — which collectively brings the feeling of a fresh start. Jupiter and Mercury both follow suit on Oct. 18, at which point communication, thinking, and logistical matters should start running much more smoothly.

The Full “Blood” Moon On Oct. 20

On Oct. 20, during the final days of Libra season, fall’s first full moon will rise in the bold sign of Aries, which puts a fire under our goals and asks our inner leaders to step up and shine. The October 2021 full moon is making some tense connections with several other planets, so try to go with the flow, avoid the drama, and let go of your need to be in control.

This lunation is commonly known as the Hunter’s Moon, and according to Farmer’s Almanac, its other nicknames include the Blood Moon and Sanguine Moon (both very apropos for Halloween time). If you want to get into the spooky season spirit, this is a gorgeous full moon to plan a release ritual and focus on making space for your heart’s true desires.


Group litual

You do not need all supplies . This litual works as digital magick as well! Here is what we will be doing.

Burning bay leaves in Himalayan and black salt in a couldron. We will speak I AM ONLY ON THESE LEAVES. SPEAKING THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHAT MAY APPEAR TO BE. So if you have been someone that deal with pain, you'll write pleasure and bliss or healing on your bay leaf. If you lost a job, you will write " I AM DIVINELY EMPLOYED!

WITH THE MOON FULL WE WILL USE THE ILLUMINATION FROM THE SOLAR POWER ( solar plexus ) to empower our path with confidence! The Strength of your blood shall be the focused intent versus focusing on the trauma you have been passed down to clear! Any yellow or gold crystals will work well for this. Fire energy will be combined with our I AM affirmations to allow us the time to recharge from all the shadow work we have been doing.

Black stones provide us with protection while at the same time absorbing the negativity of others. Hema is a prefix that means ‘blood’. (as in haematology) which stems from the Greek’ haima’. So, of course, this crystal strengthens and regulates the blood supply and fires up the blood in our veins. Hematite helps with willpower and compulsions. This crystal will help bring stability and equilibrium to the rough seas of Aries decan 3.

We shall speak to water with high vibrational words . Freeze the water then use it to cool drinks and smoothies throughout the rest of the month as a refuel of solar and water energy .

🔥🧊Tickets to this event are linked below ! 🔥🧊

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