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Peace soul tribe . It's Khamsin The Oracle reaching out to y'all with a message I feel will resonate deeply. What's is the meaning to life? What is the purpose is this higher frequency of consciousness we have entered into?

These two questions I ask myself often. Now that we are being attacked with directed energy weapons , frequencies patented to block the crown chakra and third eye from connecting with Source energy and the jab attempting to create a hive mind which will not allow those infected with these messenger rna coding to ask these kinds of questions. In this world today being able to ask yourself this and patiently wait for your higher self, spirit guides and the universe to reveal the answers to you is a major blissing we should be grateful for in a timely where the freedom to think freely is being controlled by the technocrats blocking freedom of speech. In a world where people are being hacked to be controlled by AI, we will see the effects but we do not have to be rendered powerless and loose our peace because we know we have the ability to anchor ourselves in the frequency of higher consciousness which is what many call the frequency of love. This is the reason the Bible says God is love. The ability to love yourself unconditionally is the energy that will not only create a purposeful life but it will ultimately create a better world one soul at a time. Love truly should be the measuring stick for success. There are many people who are wealthy but devoid of self love thus devoid of the ability to live others. If the way you measure the value of a person is simply based on conditioning and out dated beliefs, now is a great time to discover what success truly means to you without comparing yourself to anyone else. Being a sovereign being isn't accomplished by straw man paperwork, it's accomplished by identifying which beliefs are yours, which are beneficial for you and which ones are simply 3D programming.

Yesterday I felt compelled to expose my findings on the frequencies being used to block our use of the higher chakras while inhibiting light body activation and the spiritual gifts that come along with it. They ended the live as if I grabbed the app and killed it while in the middle of a live. If y'all would've been sitting there beside me you wouldn't thought an invisible finger killed the app because that's exactly how it looked. Then we tried to record me decoding lambda and it's connections to the pineal gland being shut down. The video ended out of the blue then the second time it said it was recording but after almost 20 minutes of decoding the metaphysical aspect of what's happening we realized it had deleted itself as if the video never started . I cannot make this up. It takes a lot to shake me up and I admit I was a bit shaken up. After sitting with my guided and going to my altars we decided to go a whole other route . We will be doing a subscription based on demand video service , since the info I channel is being targeted to be shut down. A few of y'all was on IG to see the major interference that was taking place. Stay tuned to how you can gain access to the decodings, we will notify y'all by email.

Now back to the questions about the meaning of life and awakening.

To find out what life means to you ask yourself what have you survived or done for someone else or yourself that makes you proud. It doesn't have to be something the world views as purposeful nor does it have to be something the world appreciates like wealth , degrees and charity work. It could be that one time you held the hand of someone you loved that was dying. It could even be the beautiful children you may have given birth to. What about surviving childhood abuse or a dysfunctional family. These are all things to be extraordinarily proud of as proof you have lived a purposeful life. For me I'm proud of myself for failing several suicide attempts. Most people would view this as a failure or mistake however an opened third eye allows me to see my higher self knew I had a purpose so I wasn't successful at taking my own life because my life has purpose even if I couldn't identify it at the time. So that's a win win. I'm still here and committed to healing myself and serving others along the way. What have you viewed as a failure that is actually proof your existence has meaning ? Ponder on this question, light a candle and make it a ceremonial step in your awakening . You are a big deal if you are breathing and you are a major key to creating the new earth if you are reading this! Deep reflection is making an investment in yourself which shows your higher self you are indeed dedicated to being the best you that you came here to be, no matter how many incantations it took to get here.

What purpose does higher frequency consciousness serve?

Higher consciousness is a phase predicted by every civilization that accomplished major feats in spirituality, philosophy, architecture, music , healing and art. Civilizations such as Sumerian, Kemet, Mayans, Greece, many African and native Americans civilizations all spoke of the time when we would become one with nature and the universe by realizing our reality has been controlled by parasites and accepting the responsibility of sovereignty. Just the mere fact the technocrats, politicians and governments abroad are doing everything they can to keep control over our minds and souls, exhibit proof that the truth your seeking about yourself and the world is a bridge to a new earth where we will live a life co created by higher frequency mindsets, open heart chakras and expansion of our awareness of all that is allowing unity and harmony depicted by MAAT originating from Kemet! Don't allow the chaos happening to infect your mind and auric field with thoughts of powerlessness, fear and dread. Your thoughts are magnetic so what you choose to think about affects what manifest in your reality. We have power because we are the chosen ones that fell into a low 3D form with capabilities that strike fear in those who have been ruling for ages. If nothing else of proof that you are an important piece , let the tactics of the ruling elite remind you of who who you are " IDIVINITY" versus who you thought you were based on childhood traumas and indoctrination "IDENTITY "! These are two total different ways of acknowledging your authentic self. Use your galactic signature and the wavespell associated with it by repeating it a few times to activate dormant abilities and call in your higher self to fill your auric field with energy that aligns with who you are at the core. Remember words are spells, affirmations support our aspirations and self congratulation all lead to a healthy mindset and relationship with yourself. Use these tools, don't take them for granted. It's easy to sometimes forget how much the simple things really affect the outcome in our lives. Your individual purpose isn't something you must search for, it's something you discover by self introspection, shadow work, self love and studying your galactic signature, natal chart and life path number as well as test results from your love attachment style just to note a few. The most important thing to remember is the purpose in the pain. We all will and have experienced love and loss, death, illness, breakups , divorce , miscarriages, financial issues and relationship dysfunction. We're human in form but Gods and Goddesses in our IDIVINTY. So it's completely okay to not be okay as a result of these experiences for a time. As long as you acknowledge how you deal with these issues , isolate the most beneficial ways to heal and stay open and grateful for it all knowing the sun will eventually shine.... your exactly where you need to be and you are enough just as you are.

As I write this I'm stuck in bed managing fatigue and pain . So if I can find purpose in my challenges, care for myself and serve others with a well deserved message , you can as well. What can you do differently today to align with the higher potential of yourself you desire to be? Can you stop allowing critical self talk to control how you behave ? Can you soul gaze with yourself offering affirmations as an investment of love which we taught as one of the steps in "Crypto to Chrystos 44 day reset"? Mirror magick is truly magical. This program has proven beneficial for many of us. We will keep this program open so anyone who knows it's time to invest in yourself will have access to all the content allowing a much needed reset. If you were in the program we would love for you to comment below how it has helped you. And if this blog touched you in a special way we would love to hear from you as well! We will be giving away a free prize very soon for those who are active in our soul tribe by commenting, sharing testimonies and information that is important to know. Participation on spaces is a sacred space where you can talk about things that only those awakening will innerstand. Sometimes all we need to get unstuck is to communicate and vent. Especially when sacred space has been created for you to express yourself without being attacked , judged and misunderstood.

As we always say " Mane your 3rd has just been 💋"! PEACE

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Divinely Spoken! 👑🙏🏾😌🖤..I had to come back and read it again for my Daughter 💖

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