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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

So you’ve been on this path of spiritual awakening but you can’t seem to manifest your best life, or it seems your flying high utilizing your new spirituality and all the tools like candle magic, 2 cup manifestation, meditation, chants, and petitions with different deities. What about the moment you complete a ritual and the very next day it seems like your doubting wether or not it’ll work. Why is this happening? It’s called programming from our family traditions and indoctrination from relegion and school.

Let me give it to you the way it came to me last night while attempting to meditate (my mind was running a marathon non stop), I digress. It wasn't a waste of a few hours, during my meditation, I heard a small voice say to me “While you were in relegious beliefs systems, you believed the devil and the occult had power”! “Now that you are free to practice some of the spiritual practices you thought were powerful back then, why are you questioning wether or not these practices work?” This question from my Higher Self has me shook! I realize how powerful fear is over us. The very power of fear is harmful and very powerful. If you’re like me, you avoided Bobby Hemmitt lectures even though you found yourself curious about demons, divination and the mark of the beast. So if these ancient practices had power to make you avoid people, secular music, crystals and energy healing, why aren’t you 110 percent all in? I believe some of us have residual fear from these belief systems that were set up as a trap for the soul to never be able to connect with you to manifest at your highest potential. If your fear of the power of magic fueled your discipline and led to repentance, it should be the same fuel that leads to discipline in your spiritual practices now! So how do we get past this?

As a teacher, it’s important that I’m transparent with y’all. We need to start believing in ourselves the way we believed in whatever savior or god we once dedicated our lives to obey! We have given away our power, now it’s time to get it back. I’m very solution oriented, so I immediately asked my Higher Self what to do.

1. Cancel all soul contracts “multiple times if necessary“ connecting you to old belief systems. Steve Noble has one of the best meditations to remove contracts with 3D matrix programs. You can find this in our playlist titled relax, meditate, visualize 2 on our YouTube channel.

2. Remember, the only reason prayers were answered was due to your own power of divinity that lives within you. The name Jesus wasn’t the magical ingredient that made things work. If it was, you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. Take a good look within and ask your Higher Self to show you your divinity. Maybe you needed to be reminded of who you are. Ye are GOD’S! You are an extension of Source here on earth as a volunteer that has agreed to manifest a new earth and heaven. All of the good works you thought your god was performing was actually you! The kingdoms of heaven is within, family!

3. Perfect love cast out all fear! If you find yourself fearing a spiritual practice or fearing that your way of honoring ancestors isn’t working, remind yourself of the love you know exist in your heart. Love covers all things. Love is unshakable. Love is the force which holds this world as we know it together. Love is the only reason we aren’t extinct by our own hands. Love is the highest vibration of consciousness. Love heals all things and yes, this includes your self doubt.

4. Research, research, research. Find out the mechanics behind your new spiritual practices, or maybe they aren’t new but it’s been a while since you’ve studied the power of these practices. The days of blind faith are long gone with the age of Pisces. The age of Aquarius is all about knowing. If you need some teachers that have the scholarship to back up anything magical (metaphysical) we have many playlist on YouTube that covers anything you can think of.

5. The breath (chi) is the energy of life force within you. If you are reading this, more than likely you‘rebreathing. That breath is your license to manifest. That breath is all you need with intentions and a clear mind as to what you desire. We speak the power of life and death in the tongue. Speak over your life and watch it transform.

~Khamsin the Oracle~ Remnants Gathering aka weirdo gang gang!

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