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Like the serpent is sure to coil, our path is sure to be crooked; there is nothing that is going to be handed to us, and answers will not come easily. This is not a path for the faint of heart, or those who seek instant gratification. The Left Hand Path is a path of battling self, going against the status quo; this is a path of searching, of pain, and endless leaps into the Abyss where we go to molt, shed our skin, and come out a better version of ourselves– a stronger, more aware, and enlightened version. It is a fundamental theme in mythology the world over — that of death and rebirth. All initiatory rituals involve this basic archetypal pattern through which the old order and early infantile attachments must die and a more mature and productive life be born in their place. Since we are in the underworld where chaos magick is openly being used against us to entrap us in our trauma, pain and suffering , we must not be prey any longer to the predators , praying for change and healing! The occult is a way to enter deeper into the shadow self with the purpose of healing and transformation! The NU tier isn't for faint of heart . If you haven't done shadow work consistently enough to be ready to meet your demons as well as the gatekeepers that can assist you in self deification ( apotheosis) SOVEREIGNTY! The real reason we are trapped in these loops of reincarnation is for the purpose of feeding the archonic, parasitic energies which also include the inter-dimensional entities that have been allowed to enter with the use of quantum computers and other negative aliens agenda technologies like transhumance! We have several blogs discussing shadow work and also several classes you can use to combine shadow work with your galactic signature in the " Phoenix rise from the ashes series " on our Patreon! If you are experiencing residue from relegion , we recommend you begin with the class " Conscious Parenting and reparenting after the detrimental effects of religion! Wether we are aware or not , religion caused grave harm to our sense of self, confidence and ability to love our demons! There are some warnings before delving into your shadows self! Click the link I'm this blog to read the articles that will explain aspects of this path to wholeness, it's challenges , warnings and benefits! The NU tier on Patreon will include occult knowledge, free ebooks and pathworkings! We will be able to respond to any questions along the way and also we will have zoom meetings to discuss more lituals ? Spells and meditations that can be used to connect with the dark goddess current! This tier will be available to use at your own pace. The content will be created from our own personal experiences that gave results! As a EUMelanted race of chaos beings we must learn our ancient sacred knowledge, practice discipline to bring order to the chaos! From our perspective, as long as we run from ourselves, demons and shadows we will eventually feel the impact of avoidance. There are many ways one can self actualize, using psychological help, self help , energy healing and more. But to get the results many of us desire will require us to radically accept our own dark side and begin to integrate , release ourselves from judgement, fear , guilt and shame. All links will be below !

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