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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Full Moon occurs on Tuesday when the Sun in Aries forms an opposition to the Libra Moon. The magic of the full moon typically last 2-3 days. So if your reading this after Tuesday, it’s okay. It’s a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of something begun at the New Moon. Heightened emotions, romance, fertilization, relationship drama, and epiphanies are themes.

The Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis, where Aries represents “self,” and Libra represents “other.” Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. With the Libra Moon, we’re especially aware of our need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them — compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing. The Aries Sun, on the other hand, is self-assertive, leading, and personally courageous.

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other, and between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability. The Libra Moon is diplomatic, equality-focused, and fair-minded. The Aries Sun values authenticity over tact and is energized by independent efforts. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict.

Relationship epiphanies occur now. We’re likely to experience revelations about our independence, need for others, and partnerships. A Mars-Uranus square has just occurred when the Moon reaches full, and through unpredictable events, changes, and conflict, we are made especially aware of our need for others. Mars-Uranus is divisive, but an applying Venus-Mars trine suggests we’re finding creative ways to relate and unite. Interestingly, Venus rules the Libra Moon, and Mars rules the Aries Sun, and their harmony is especially helpful for resolving conflicts, particularly through conversation and fair-mindedness.

Full moon ritual. Write down the potentials of what my life would be like if I believed I am enough. Do this in all areas above. •relationships •finances •purpose in life. •business/career •health. •legacy we leave for our children.

Next, charge a glass of water with any crystal of choice near it. Crystal does not have to be in the water to affect the structure of water. Read the potentials you’d like to manifest in your life. For many of us, this is a great time to practice balancing the DF and DM within. You can do this by adding a mantra like, I surrender to the energy of MAAT, which balances and brings harmony between my DF and DM. At the end of your manifestation petition write so mote it be, ASE, it is done or whatever resonates.

Then place the petition under the glass of water. If you have a window where you can place it to be charged by the biggest Super Moon of the year place it there. If not, you can always place the crystal, the mason jar with the top on it outside where moonlight will shine on it. Even if it’s cloudy, you can do this!

After a night of charging under the moonlight, you can drink the water and visualize the power of the moon illuminating you within with pink light. If you desire, you can make tea with this water as well. Here are a few that can be chosen based on the desired effect. Peppermint (for purification) Rose (for self-love and compassion) Lemongrass (for optimism and open communication) Ginger (for getting in touch with your personal power) Ginkgo Biloba (for integration) Jasmine (for sensuality and sexual confidence) Mugwort (for increased intuition and visionary abilities)

Once you’ve made your tea (optional) or drank the moonlit charged water. Repeat your petition after lighting a candle, I prefer pink, but white works as well! End it with a seal using things like, so mote it be, ASE’, it is done or whatever resonates. Keep that crystal with you!

PS. This moon is a time to become more harmonious by loving all parts of yourself. This pink moon is a great time to call in unconditional self love! The divine feminine is calling us, but we must allow the divine masculine necessary attention as well because it has been perverted for ages. Below are qualities of the divine feminine and divine masculine that can be used for writing your petition.

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