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Pluto in Aquarius ♒️ DO’s & DONT’s

Pluto in Aquarius recommendations

  1. Eat light. Eating light helps to anchor the light of illumination. Eating heavy foods will lead to heavier emotional stages of stuckness. You will become what you eat. In case you’re eating something dead such as processed foods, you’re going to manifest dead relationships void of life giving energy. Moderation is key, take baby steps if you have been binging on junk food. You don’t wanna put more pressure on yourself to be disciplined in this area because the pressure is already turned up. Be compassionate in case you mess up. If at first you don’t succeed pick yourself and try again!

  2. Resist being judgmental. Let’s judge Lynn Toler be the judge. Being judgmental right now will drop an anchor is energetic combat zones. Remember the war is mostly invisible.

  3. Choose compassion over criticism. Being compassionate to myself helped me to attract compassionate ppl! Discouragement is a normal experience to some of the difficulties of life. Be compassionate to yourself when you aren’t feeling encouraged, allow the discouraging feelings to settle before making any important decisions. Especially in a relationship where there has been distrust and deception. These things happen to reveal the areas that require our compassion, patience and care. To shift out of a discouraged state choose thoughts , activities and places that encourage your spirit. By judging ourselves when we are discouraged as bad or weak , we invite unnecessary negativity because we are adding salt into a wound that’s actually asking for love and acceptance. By accepting fully our feelings stemming from childhood wounds we become the encouragement we seek!

  4. Toxic relationships remain toxic as long as we attempt to withdraw from others before we deposit in ourselves. We expect from others what we have fell to invest in ourselves. Expecting to be radically accepted by another cannot happen until we have radically accepted ourselves. It’s toxic to expect to receive what hadn’t been given to ourselves . Offering myself compassion in the face of failure sets a healthy example of how I deserve to be treated. Otherwise expecting someone to be compassionate to me gives them full control over my sense of self. The minute external compassion isn’t received I feel cheated, unappreciated which eventually leads to resentment. Protection from giving my power away happens whenever others do not give to me what I don’t give to myself. This is the paradoxical nature of the way laws of the universe restore balance.

  5. Do not ignore ascension symptoms. Our body is hosting waves of 5D energy. This energy may trigger pain, headaches, digestive issues, sore muscles, achy feet, tightness in the neck area, back pain and fatigue. Stretch, massage , hydrate, move your body around freely without judgement of how your body feels. Simply tune into your body with compassion. You may benefit from reflexology, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments etc. This is a great time to level up your self care.

  6. Whatever you think the most you’ll attract. Think intentional thoughts that feel pleasurable. Search for something to appreciate. In case you are going through a chaotic phase on your life know that anything you find gratitude for in that space is gangsta… your a sacred rebel so act like you know even if you aren’t sure simply act as if until you manifest your shift.

  7. Use sound therapy such as binaural beats, solfeggio tones, crystal sound bowls, drums and mantras.

🪬 We are thrilled to announce a Nu service “ Sound healing sessions “

I am a certified sound healer specializing in trauma therapy. You can book your session below ⬇️

Crystal sound bowl immersion

A 2016 research study on the effects of sound notes that “Australian aboriginal tribes have used the didgeridoo as a sound healing instrument for over 40,000 years. Ancient instruments have also been used for religious and spiritual ceremonies such as Tibetan (also called “Himalayan”) singing bowls.” How Does A Sound Bath Work?

The principle at work here is simple. Every object, animate or not, vibrates at a particular frequency—this is what is referred to as a “resonant” or “natural” frequency of that specific object.

When a sound wave of the same frequency hits the object, the sound becomes amplified: that's “resonance”. Resonance is why certain sounds seem louder or fuller in some spaces than others—singing in the shower is a great example of this phenomenon.

During the sound massage, the frequency at which one’s stomach, legs, chest, or back vibrates, is matched by that of the particular bowl, thus amplifying that vibration, and making the patient feel it in their body. The vibrations of sound can be very effective for people suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as for people with autism which has become more prevalent among children and adults.

“What the singing bowl massage or a sound bath can do is make people feel connected to their bodies,” says Wechselberger. “A lot of the time those who suffer from mental health disorders feel like they lack that connection between their spiritual and their physical selves, and this practice helps with that by activating the vibrations within the body.”

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