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Police’n other people’s perceptions is “Archonic” programming!

Policing the perceptions of others is a very archonic behavior we have all taken into ourselves as a way of life!

Discussing the effects of self judgement, the death of the heart (apocalypse) which is the portal to paradise, it's the perfect balance of love and logic, it is the garden of eden! Sharing the moment between me and Earnest that was taken over by deep core wounds of judgement and lack of worth, based on his ability or inability to please me was a major learning curve which we discussed in the live on YouTube and IG! The idea of good and bad, nice and mean is a trap to keep us in a cycle of self harm, thus harming others. How does your perception of your mistakes affect your reality and those in it.

Bitter had been demonized and cast aside as distasteful and unpleasant. Sweet had take been glorified and used as a weapon in our unconscious state prior to our awakening. Look at the negative effects of sugar and the benefits of bitters. This doesn't only apply to tastebuds this applies to life as well. Let me explain how!


Experience life in all possible ways --

good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,

summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.

Don't be afraid of experience, because

the more experience you have, the more

mature you become.

Experiencing bitter situations in life will be at an all time high with the impacts of the plandemic and the jab agenda 2030 of depopulation and sterilization. Hacking the collective mind to be controlled by AI 2.0

In Ayurveda, a severe taste is utilized to treat numerous kinds of physical and psychological sickness. Bitters have an unpleasant taste. However unpleasant look at the benefits. It has antimicrobial properties – successful against microscopic organisms, growths, infections, and parasites. Keep

In mind that's physical and psychological, as in archonic non human entities that seek to hijack humanity!

It keeps the gathering of poisons in the body

Additionally, it enhances processing

It decontaminates the blood

It invigorates hunger

Additionally, it enhances liver capacity

Advances weight reduction

It enhances the presence of the skin

Decreases sickness


Tyranny - cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others. : a government in which all power belongs to one person: the rule or authority of a tyrant.

Relegion according to Dr. Blynd the author of the Funktionary

Religions: Social control experiments created around the intellectual debris of both real and imagined social misfits that posit absolute truth over subjective reality. There is scant reality in all religions--there is more absolute truth in some religions--there is less inner truth in more religions--there is no truth editing in all religions.

Religion: Scareway to heaven. 2) To bind again-a bondage. 3) A deep reverence for that which is perceived to be external to and greater than one's self. 4) A hairy concept trapped in fuzzy minds and vice versa. 5) psycho-emotional bonding and binding. 6) The deification of escape (to the conscious). 7) he methadone for the masses. 8) The trap of defining the way (prescribed truth) rather than discovering and uncovering it (one's own inner truth). 9) a proxy for numinous life-encounter. 10) The corpse of religiousness. 11) The ultimate drug. 12) A unifying group dynamic arising out of a set of fixed, affixed, fixated, and asphyxiating beliefs relating to the worship of an ideal which offers fixed answers about one's place in existence. Religion, a very potent primitive drug, is consolation, conformation, and reformation. Religion is the metaphysics of fear and hope clouded with the smokescreen of dogma. Religion is a behavior and mind control industry--fear management, not unlike the fictitious Corporate State. Why inquire men of God when they know not themselves? Religion is the ultimate drug--once you reach the high you never come back nor can you be reached. It is a point of no return. Religion is also a straight-jacket put on consciousness by crooked priest of the clergy. The whole of religion is founded upon a dirty joke that has PIMPED man's psyche for centuries.

Religion is for the young in consciousness who are not ready (spiritually mature) enough to edit their own truths nor ready to trust their own authenticity for unfoldment as Divinity. Religion is a battlefield disguised as a life boat on the seas of fear and uncertainty fully-equipped with reality-defying absolute truth preservers (that all-to-often destroys lives instead of saving them)

The Fiery Red Horse

Revelations 6:4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.


SUGAR, GLUTEN, DAIRY, CORNSYRUP (SUGAR) Soy, aborted fetal embryo cells. And the pope eyes chicken.

Now how can we deal with our perception of death from a space of an awakened mind!

If you are living and fearing death, you are already dead! Living life can only be done when a person stops fearing death.

Death of others and yourself stood you from Living. Leaving the body is simply a transition into another dimension of what we call life. It’s the after life. The only real death that exist is within the life of the one who fears it!!!! ~Remnants Gathering

Info source from Adunola the Oracle book-

Go over some of the explanations of our connection with Mother Earth and its effect on our health.

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Jun 04, 2021

We live among folks who are being remotely controlled and they do not even know it...Enlightenment or Conscious Awareness I believe can only be attained by knowing how to check your own personal temperature as well as your environment...self assessment is key to the continuation of the ascension process...although exterior forces and influences subsequently rule the day, by being and staying in tune with one's higher nature will lessen the load and make the work that much more manageable...P.E.A.C.E.

Jun 06, 2021
Replying to

You said a mouth full. Absolutely correct! Strange times but those who are self aware will be fine!

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