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Peace WEIRDO GANG GANG! Today has been a crazy day. I’ve come into contact with lower dimensional energies that are consumed by hatred! I’ve found myself feeling this energy try to take control of my mind, body and life. So I’ve had to practice cleansing and defensive magic. They will say things they know will be a dagger in your heart, but you must not react in a way that unconsciously tells the energy that you are weaker then them. Be calm and take control of the forces against you by controlling the way you react. What we feed will continue to live in our lives. Also I experience guilt and shame due to the relegious programming of morality which causes me to be afriad to use fire to fight fire . So I catch myself behaving as a person that has no power or self control . Then this leads me down a road of feeling lack, weak and I can’t seem to feel my sovereignty in that moment. Being sober must happen by not allowing spirits to influence you. I believe the scriptures about being sober isn’t just alcohol and drugs but being sober and clear in your mind . Not under the influence of parasitic hateful energies. I visualized Sekhmet standing behind me , growling with claws ready to cut any bad intentions sent my way! I also dreamed of a black dog twice which represents dark energy present with me. So this can be an open of death or my spirit guides showing up to remind me of who I am and who walks with me.

So before doing your full moon rituals , cleanse your energy so you can get the full benefits of the full moon.


Sage , prayer , ancestor honoring and protection with sage and palo santo. Visualize a sphere of light around you . Any color you’d like to use .

Himalayan salt bath

Items needed:


Candles, (optional)

2-4 Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks—

Glass of water (to drink during)

The Himalayan salt bath detoxifies the body and releases all the negative energy contained in your aura. At the same time, the beneficial minerals contained in this salt are absorbed into your body. This salt bath leaves your skin fresh and glowing.

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Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson
01 oct. 2020

Oh wow that's what was wrong with me I felt uneasy today I just came home and slept, I'm a provider for my mom who is very petty I got to constantly tell myself not react

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