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So tonight we discussed eumelanin and it’s bio potential to save the ruling elite class which have kept us on lockdown in the 3D matrix. This was inspired by Siren season 3 episode 3 “SURVIVOR“! We also discussed rap as a bioweapon being used to create assassins to fight gang wars with each other to keep a flow of dead bodies to fuel the black market for organs and reproductive systems to be used in artificial wombs. Much of this was conceived by remote viewing . We also discussed conscious parenting to break the generational trauma. So if it’s anything we missed in the live chat that we missed, drop it below, or if you simply want to share your perspective. Your feedback is imperative for us to evolve continually on the path of awakening.

Here are a few notes from the show and some we didn’t get to discuss .

It’s important to heal and reprogram our children by avoiding retraumatizing them so that the rap music won’t cause alters and split mk ultra like personalities which leads back to the necessary trauma to mind control a slave. MEREDITH NAME IN SEASON 3 episode 3 lead to the current CIA director Gina HASPEL (has a spell)!

Social engineering and mind control is the reason gangs only attack each other . This is done by the abc letter shadow gov. Using music to keep endless dead bodies coming in that no one will really miss especially if they’re just a criminal. Research tavistock institute. The government created chriraq. This is confirmation of the dark alliance 2.0

PRODIGY -Hegelian dialect was prophetic light codes of info to assist the awakening... then he had to go as soon as he started touring and promoting it. Then Nipsey Christ consciousness moved him to create a whole economy and he went to meet with LAPD to get a meeting to unite gangs... then he’s murdered. Then he was telling ppl about Dr Sebi, this was too much enlightenment in an individual who wasn’t ruled by fear and has influence and resources. Then XXX TENTACION CAME WITH OCCULT GEMS! Juice WRLD CAME WITH A SONG ON LUCIDITY! Then he’s murdered. Then Pop Smoke, whom was going to really shake things up, wasn’t docile and didn’t let fear stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do... his voice tonality alone was unlocking something in the youth subconscious. They got readings and mediums to consult to see if he’s become a Tupac 2.0, basically a problem for the power that be... it’s my belief that whatever his natal chart showed, showed his highest potential and they had to off him too. I haven’t done any research in any of this yet. This just a light code I’m downloading while my head in the clouds. The ultimate cloud of data... AKASHIC LIBRARY!!! Tonight we’ll discuss more. But who did WE LEAVE OFF THIS LIST? Drop any name and info you may know that’ll pull more pieces together!

MEMPHIS IS KEY👁💋. The darkest music came from Memphis. We been on the dark side unknowingly. We were born and raised in the darkness others simply adopted the darkness~BANE SAID THIS! So watch this to get a deeper INNERSTANDING on what would happen if they awakened and learn to transmute energy! We all know sound is data, information, and frequencies that can conjure up all kinds of things. Remember the card from the Illuminati game we shared, using incantations are subliminal hooks in songs! Cymatics vids will make this make more sense if it doesn’t. Watch a few of those and see how powerful sound and music is to give form to something!

Y’all in 2018 I said rappers are the new philosophers of our time. If they awaken as we are when Betelgeuse increases the energy it’s releasing, a lot of ppl will wake up! They have a lot of influence wether we’d like to admit it or not. Many of them are generationally traumatized which makes them perfect mk ultra assassins. Assassins trained by predictive programming and subliminal messages in the music and the occult Practitioners that act as engineers, producers, and video directors. The implanted cia agents acting as stylist and makeup artist. The pilots who drive the jets they use and the real estate they buy is possibly rigged to keep them in a low vibration. They know if they awaken, it’s gone be hell to pay. The scales will get balanced finally. I know this is a lot to process, many of them are chaos beings but they dont know alchemy and metaphysics so they become a slave to the industry due to ignorance keeping them in bliss. This is why they can rap about drugs and murders and some get arrested “BUT MOST DONT IF THEY NOT GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN“! However the Kabbalist that OWN ALL THE MEDIA KNOW CHAOS MAGIC AND THEY ARE USING THE CELEBS AS SLAVES TO THIER AGENDAS. SOME CELEBRITIES WILL FOLD UNDER PRESSURE BUT OTHERS WHO GREW UP IN WAR ON OUR LAND IN THE HOOD ARENT FEARFUL. So they are controlled with women, drugs, alcohol (SPIRITS) and sex to keep them unaware, unawakened and busy. The quarantine has given many of them time away from these implanted ppl (OPS) so they are awakening. Lil Baby song released yesterday PROVED WHAT I HAVE BEEN PROPHESYING FOR YEARS! The Illuminati card game proves this as well!

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