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Ring of fire energetic symbolism! Post from June 2020!

The June 2020 ring of fire was an cosmic activatio. I channeled intuitivy events to expect to unfold due to the alignment. This day is called shawwal , the solstice ring of fire. Below is a slide show and more information as to how this impacted our lives.

Sharwwal moon eclipse symbolism-


The New Moon Solar eclipse June 2020 at 0º Cancer falls on famous red giant Betelgeuse. Anyone who watched hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy will be familiar with it. But this star is famous enough in real life since it is supposed to be going supernova as we speak. This is the second eclipse with a quite brutish star for its theme. Betelgeuse is a lot less shabby than Ras Algethi, but it is still pretty base!

These words describe the pain a woman experiences when the baby’s head is crowning.

As the baby enters the vagina your skin and muscles stretch. Eventually the head will appear. With every push, more of the baby's head can be seen. The labia and perineum (the area between the vagina and the rectum) eventually reach a point of maximum stretching. At this point, the skin may feel like it is burning. Some childbirth educators call this the "ring of fire" because of the burning sensation felt as the mother's tissues stretch around the baby's head.

The divine feminine cast a shadow over the divine masculine and was crowned. The divine feminine has been crowned with the glory of the sun. On the winter solstice as the sun is rebirth, we had this incredible eclipse called the ring of fire. This represents birth, marriage and crowing. This also represents our shadow self finally being crowned as well, or illuminated. Our shadow finally is being allowed to see the light of day by those awakening . This new moon eclipses the sun also created a wreath on Christmas. According to Bobby Hemmitt, a wreath brings wealth. So this was a sign of wealth for those awakening. Finally we are being empowered by the solar plexus, shadow work and the integration with the DF to live the life we always wanted to live. We wanted to do a vid and share this info beforehand but the recent chemtrail attack rained down flu viruses and we are experiencing the impact. Also the ascension flu is causing physical symptoms. If your shadow seems to be making itself seen, look at it, and be willing to converse to see what lesson your triggers are bringing you. This portal is the last one of the last decade. January 2020 will be a solar eclipse. So this is a dance between the DF and DM. The ring of fire is also related to shiva, the destroyer. Things in your life that nolonger serve you are being destroyed as well! Allow the new you to be born. It may be painful but only for a season. The joy of what we are giving birth to will be experienced all throughout 2020. ITS TIME TO PUSH AND BREATH AS WE GET EXCITED ABOUT WHATS AHEAD! WE ARE MARRIED TO CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS! WE HAVE BEEN SEALED WITH THE RING OF FIRE! WE ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THESE TRIBULATIONS TOGETHER!


Betelgeuse is the famous bright red star in the shoulder of Orion.Technically this star still belongs inGemini Decan 3, but it is close enough to this eclipse to make an impact. At a 0.5 magnitude, this star is giant, red and aggressive. But even if it seems rather brutish, Bernadette Brady still regards Betelgeuse as a very fortunate in her commentaries, saying it generally gives worldly power, great strength and success.


The June solar eclipse 2020’s nurturing and protective energy is just perfect for coming out of self-isolation and re-connecting with family. But watch out for the scapegoating of Betelgeuse as Brady has said that “In extreme cases, members of one’s tribe are sacrificed to ensure the continued dominance of one’s genetic family.” [3]

The astrolgical impact of the June 2020 ring of fire!

Solar eclipses are extra powerful lunar events, rallying the energy of three new moons in one," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and, tells Refinery29. "This one, in particular, is even more important because it happens the same day as the summer solstice and the day the sun enters Cancer." Montúfar says that this solar eclipse is a turning point in human history, poised to accelerate social change. This particular eclipse is happening at zero degrees Cancer, meaning it will bring emotional needs to the surface.

Montúfar says that at this eclipse, both the sun and the moon will be forming a tense quincunx aspect to task-master Saturn in Aquarius. "At its worst, Saturn represents the rules and limitations that have been imposed on us and that over time have turned corrupt and oppressive," she explains. "Although Cancer is a sign that would normally want to stay home and feel cozy, this link to Saturn says that the actions we take during this new moon have long-term has consequences."

These rules and limitations from Saturn may relate directly to the police brutality and abuse of power we've been seeing not just recently, but for years. This isn't the time to sit idly by and let bygones be bygones — this solar eclipse marks the time to take action and use your voice. What you choose to do this weekend in terms of social justice might just have a long-lasting effect.

So be prepared to see and hear reports of police brutality. Remember you are the manifestation of Christ Consciousness, which is also called the bride of Christ. This celestial event will activate those seeking higher consciousness!

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